Cancer battler loses her fight only three days after wedding day.....
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Farewell, my lovely Liz

Posted on July 12, 2006

Cancer battler loses her fight only three days after wedding day.

This article was published in July 2006. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Liz FarrEaton Bray mum Liz Farr has lost her brave battle with cancer - only three days after marrying fiance Clive Bevins at an emotionally charged ceremony.

Clive, a former insurance company manager, proposed last month after the premiere of Making A Song And Dance About Cancer, documenting her positive attitude to the disease that had already robbed her of two husbands before she herself was diagnosed 17 years ago.

Liz, 55, became ill two days after embarking on a pre-honeymoon Mediterranean cruise.

Her film-maker son Rob flew out to Lisbon to join them when her health deteriorated.

Clive, 64, said: 'Our cabin was like a luxury prison. I knew she didn't have long and we came home from Southampton by private ambulance.'

With Liz failing fast, Clive arranged a special marriage licence.

He said: 'There was the most amazing atmosphere, joy and happiness mingled with sadness.

'The registrar sat on the bed at our home and there were about 25 family members and friends gathered round.

'Liz became my wife at 11.10am last Wednesday. But she was too weak to say 'I do,' so she just squeezed my hand.'

The pair, of Woodside, Eaton Bray, met four years ago when they went on a skiing trip.

Clive recalled: 'We decided we'd better get to know each other because we were the two novices.

'I was 60, separated from my wife, and perfectly happy with my single life playing bowls, playing snooker.

'But that first day sealed the rest of our relationship - we met to buy skiing equipment, went shopping, had lunch, went to the cinema and ended up spending 11 hours together.

'By the end of the week we were in love.

'I'd been 'Lizzed.'

'She was such a bonus in my life, in spite of the cancer.

'It really was the happiest time.

'I remember lying in bed not wanting to go to sleep, not wanting to waste a precious minute with her.

'She was very sociable and loved having people around her. She had crowds of friends.

'Even this New Year with just eight of us, we played silly games and the evening was such fun.

'And I remember coming home after one hospital appointment, when the news hadn't been very good.

'I went into the kitchen to make tea and there were gales of laughter coming from the lounge.

'I said: 'We must have these cancer parties more often.'

'She loved being the centre of attention, and she was, right to the end.

'I was holding her hand and she was surrounded by her family.

'Her breathing became very laboured and we were all there with her, to her last breath.'

Liz was equally devoted to Clive.

She told the Gazette: 'He's my guardian angel.

'I've never met such a kind and loving person and there's nothing he wouldn't do for me.'

Now Clive intends burying his bride in the dress she wore to the premiere in June.

He said she loved posh frocks and nice jewellery and he's determined she's going to look stunning one last time, just as she would have wished.

Liz's story was inspirational and uplifting.

At Christmas she recorded a CD of a song she wrote and set to music as a tribute to the family and friends who supported her through her long ordeal.

She sang her Thank You Song to a congregation of more than 1,000 at a St Albans church in December and stipulated she wanted it played at her funeral, with all proceeds going to Dunstable-based charity Gentle Touch Healing.

Gentle Touch founder Ray Wilson described Liz as a brave and courageous person who brought joy to many with her buoyant and infectious personality.

Clive said he's shed many tears since she's died, although it was a relief to see her suffering end.

'I told her every day I loved her and adored her and that she was my best friend. And that will never change,' he added.

Liz's son Rob has appealed to everyone attending to wear bright colours to celebrate his mother's life - no black, please.

Source: Dunstable Gazette, 12 July 2006

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