Genealogical information relating to the Meakins family
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Meakins Family History


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My Search started with the Meakins, or Freda Daisy Geraldine Meakins, I have managed to trace the Meakins line back to 1620's and Freda's Great x7 Grandparents Sidney Meekings and Brenda Alice Alcock. But I have been unable to find their exact date of births and deaths but what I do know is they had one son Robert Meekings who was born around 1645. Robert then married Avice who was also born around 1645 they in turn also had one son who was also named Robert. Robert jnr was born around 1675 and married Ann around 1695. Robert and Ann had two Children Robert Mekins born 1710 and Rebecca whose dates are unknown. Robert Mekins then went on to marry Elizabeth and they had one son John Mekins who was in born 1732 in Fenny Stratford, Buckinghamshire. John Married Ann Wilson. John and Ann had one son James Meakins born on the 3rd May 1764 and with him the name Meakins evolved in to what we know it as today.

James Married Elizabeth Fenson in 1790. Elizabeth was born in 1766 in Apsley Guise. Elizabeth and James had one son James Meakins who was born in 1801 in Apsley Guise. James married Mary Ann Balls. Mary was born in 1807 in Pulloxhill Bedfordshire. James and Mary had 7 known children Elizabeth born 1830, Charles born 1833, James born 1836, William born 1838, John born 1841, Thomas born 1843 and Joseph born 1846.

William Meakins, James and Elizabeth's middle son was born on 7 April 1838 in Pottesgrove, Bedfordshire. William is Freda's Grandfather. On the 25 November 1858 at 20 years old William Meakins married Jane Money daughter of Thomas and Emily Money. Jane was born on the 15 January 1840 in Bedfordshire.

William and Jane had 17 children John born 1859, Henry born1860, Emma born 1861, twins Margaret and Mary Ann born 1865, Arthur William born 1866, Emma born 1867, William born 1869, Edith born 1886, George born 1872, Jane born 1874, Rose born 1876, Sarah Minnie born 1877, Albert born 1879, Ernest born 1883, Edward Charles born 1885 and Harold Ernest born 1888.

William and his family lived in the tiny Village of Eaton Bray in, Dunstable on Harling Road where he worked as a Threshing Machine Manager on what is thought to be the family owned farm (both the 1891 and 1901 census records show that William was an employer not a worker), a threshing machine is what is used to seperate the grain from the stalk and husk and is still an essential pieces of farming equipment today. Before the Threshing Machine was invested in 1784 by Scottish Mechanical engineer Andrew Meikle "Threshing" had to be done by hand this was extremely labour intensive work. When the Threshing Machine was introduced it quickly became popular with farmers across the country meaning tens of thousands of workers lost their much needed job's and partly resulted in The Swing riot's of 1830.

William died on 10th March 1908 in Eaton Bray at 69 7 years after his wife Jane who died on the 4th August 1901.

William and Jane's son William was born 27 February 1869 in the tiny Village of Heath and Reach, Dunstable is Freda's father. William and Freda's mother Ada Cooke daughter of Joseph Cooke and Mary Ann Laspine married around 1890. William and Ada had 5 children, William Cyril Fred Charles born 1894, Arthur Harold G born 1896, Freda Daisy Geraldine born 1897, Albert Victor Thomas born 1901 and Claude Bertram born 1904. The 1901 census shows the family to be living at 88 Lea Road in Luton. Unfortunately the house is no longer standing and in its place part of the University of Bedfordshire. William is said to have had the first car in Bedfordshire and his occupation in the 1901 census states that his was a Mechanical Engineer. Hi Granddaughter Geraldine also confirmed the William used to drive the tractors on the family farm in Dunstable which could have been the reason why he was one of the people to own a car in Bedfordshire. It is also possible that he worked for the Vauxhall factory in Luton when it first moved there in 1905 under the name Vauxhall Iron Works.

William Died in 30 January 1951 at 81 years old it is possible that he was buried in St Mary's Parish Church, Luton which was very close to Lea Road. Ada sadly died 15 years before her husband in 1936 she may also be buried at St Mary's.

William and Ada's eldest son William C F C born December 1894 in Luton sadly died in action in WWI at just 22 years old. He was stationed in France and Flaunders and is thought to have died in the Battle Arras. He was a Sergeant in the Machine Gun Corps. After his death he was award The Victory Medal which was awarded to all eligible personnel who served on the establishment of a unit in an operational theatre.

William and Ada's second son Arthur Harold George was born in June 1896 in Luton. On the 11 September 1915 like is elder Brother Arthur joined the Army and fought in WWI he was assigned to the Army Service Corp's. Its stated on his enlistment form the at the time of his enlistment Arthur Lived at 12a Cardigan Street, Luton, the original house is still standing today. The Army Service Corps are often referred to as the unsung heroes of the First World War; it was their job to operate the transport providing desperately needed food supplies and ammunition to the front line. It is likely that due to the fact Arthur was awarded The British Medal and The Victory Medal on his return that he would have been one of the thousands of Army Service Corps men providing the link between the British base in France and the front line either using a horse or on foot.

On Arthurs return from the war a year later he married Lillian Eliza Gregory in October 1916. They then went on to have 5 children that may still be living today. I have tried to contact known living relatives but as yet have had no luck (apart from one today that is related by marriage who contacted me today through a message I left on the Eaton Bray website).

William and Ada's 3rd Child was Freda Daisy Geraldine Meakins born 27th September 1897. Freda Married Frederick Gordon Smart son of Frederick Smart and Elizabeth in July 1924 in Luton. Two years later they had their first child Geraldine born April 1926 in Luton. Two years after that they had their second child Gordon on 14 April 1928, then again two years later Gillian came along in 1930 then last came Claude Antony who was born in October 1932. Freda died

William and Ada's forth son Albert Victor Thomas was born on 26 February 1901 in Luton. In 1925 Albert married Hettie A Baldwin in Luton. It is also very likely that Albert joined the First World War like his elder brother. But during the 1940 bombings in London large numbers of Military documents were destroyed which could be the reason I have been unable to find any for Albert.

William and Ada’s fifth son Claude Bertram was born on 5 August. Claude fought in WWI in the Army Cyclist Corps whose job it was to act basically like the postman delivering communications to the frontline. On his return he was awarded The Victory and British Medal’s. Claude married Amy R Cowie in Luton in July 1929. I do not know whether or not they had any children. Claude died at 80 years old in July 1985 in Luton.

Going back to the earlier Meakins and William and Jane's 16 other children.

John Meakins William and Jane’s first born son was born on 21st January 1859 in the still tiny Village of Heath and Reach between Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard the families address on the 1861 census is stated as Gig Lane, unfortunately the original house is unlikely to still be standing as there are only a few new builds standing there now. John married Elizabeth Stanbridge in May 1882 at 23 years old. The 1891 census shows John and Elizabeth’s Address to be The Rule and Square Pub in Edlesborough, Buckinghamshire and John’s occupation to be a Licensed Retailer and Engine Driver. Unfortunately the Rule and Square was torn down after WWII to make way for new housing but it was still owned by the Meakins family at this time.

John and Elizabeth had 10 children; it seems having copious amounts of children is becoming a bit of a tradition in the Meakins family.

There first born was Alice born in 1883 the last record I could find for Alice was the 1901 census which states that she was still living at home at 18 years old and working as a Domestic General Servant.

John and Elizabeth’s second child Sidney Horace was born on 6th October 1884 who in the 1901 census was working as a General Farm Labourer at 17. In December 1909 at 25 Sidney married Beatrice Denton in Edlesborough. It is unknown whether or not they had any children. Sidney died in Edlesborough in October 1970 at 82.

John and Elizabeth’s third child was Edith born June 1886. Edith married Frederick Pearson in 1906 in Edlesborough. It's unknown whether Edith and Frederick had any children. Edith died in October 1955 at 62 in Edlesborough.

John and Elizabeth’s forth child Edgar Thomas born 27th November 1888 in Edlesborough. Edgar married Ida M A Waters in July 1916 at 27. It is unknown whether they had any children. Edgar died in January 1972 at 83 years old.

John and Elizabeth’s fifth child Olive Jane was born September 1891 in Edlesborough. Olive married Horace G Hazzard in September 1914 at 23 years old. It is known that Olive and Horace still have living children. Olive died in October 1985 in Sussex.

John and Elizabeth’s sixth child Laura Georgina was born in March 1894 in Edlesborough (is there really anywhere else?). It is thought that Laura might have moved to the US in the early 1920's which would also explain why I have been unable to find any documents for her after the 1901 census.

John and Elizabeth’s seventh child Violet was born 24 November 1895. Violet died still a Meakins in October 1955 in Hove Sussex.

John and Elizabeth’s eighth child Clifford Archie born 12 November 1898 in Edlesborough married Lillian E Sainty in October 1921 at 22 years old. Clifford and Lillian had one child Clifford William Meakins born 15 June 1922 in Hackney, Clifford William died in April 1996 in Luton. Clifford Archie died in 1973 in Bedfordshire.

John and Elizabeth’s ninth child Robert Ashley was born in Edlesborough on 27 October 1903. Robert married Ivy Mary Tarbox in July 1931 in Edlesborough at 27 years old. They had two children Sheila born in 1932 and one whose name I do not know but is thought to still be alive today. Robert died in March 1990 in Luton. Sheila died in 2001.

John and Elizabeth’s tenth and final child was Frank Henry born September 1908 in Edlesborough. I have been unable to find any documents relating to Frank apart from his birth.

William and Jane’s second child Henry was born 6th December 1860 in Heath and Reach. The 1881 census shows that Henry was married to Elizabeth Jane Adkins but still living in the Meakins family home on Prentices Lane, Eaton Bray and his occupation as a Blacksmith. Henry and Elizabeth had 4 Children the youngest is William Joseph born December 1881. Their second child was Charles born 1884 in Stoke Hammond, Bedfordshire. Their third child was Ellen born September 1885 in Eaton Bray Ellen married James Dunn around 1910 and they had 3 children Winifred, Dorothy and Florence. Ellen died on the 14 October 1960 at 45. There forth child was Hilda May born 1894 in Eaton Bray. Hilda died a Meakins in October 1974 at 80 years Old.

Henry died on 13 June 1895 in Leighton Buzzard at just 35 years old.

William and Jane’s third child Emma was born on 11 February 1861 in Heath and Reach it is unknown whether she ever married or had any children. Emma died 12 March 1945.

William and Jane’s forth child Margaret was born 21 March 1865 in Heath and Reach. I was unable to find any other documents relating to Margaret.

William and Jane’s fifth child Mary Ann was born on 21st March 1865 and was obviously Margaret’s twin sister. In the 1891 census it shows that at 26 Mary Ann was still living in the family home and her occupation was as a dress maker. In 1895 Mary Ann Married George Brown in Bromley. It is unknown whether or not Mary and George had any children. Mary Ann died in April 1922.

William and Jane’s sixth child Arthur William was born in 1866 in Heath and Reach. In the 1891 census it shows Arthur to be married to Emma and they have one child Gutteridge (yes that is correct) and Arthur’s occupation to a Threshing Machine Driver. Arthur died on 5th February 1895 in Eaton Bray at just 29 years Old.

William and Jane’s seventh Child was another Emma born in 1867 in Heath and Reach. The last document I found for Emma II was the 1881 census when she was 14 years old.

William and Jane’s eighth child was of course William, please refer to Meakins Family Tree Part 2.

William and Jane’s ninth child Louisa was born on 20th November 1870 in Heath and Reach. The 1891 census shows Louisa at 20 years old to be living at 144 Rucklidge Avenue, Willesden and her occupation a Girl Servant. The house on Rucklidge Drive is still standing today. Louisa did marry in 1900 but her husband’s name and whether or not she had any children is unknown. She died on 24 May 1935 at 66 years old.

William and Jane’s Tenth child George was born 3rd August 1872 in Heath and Reach. The 1901 census shows George to still be living in the family home at 28 and working as an Engine Driver. It is not known whether George ever married or had any children. He died on 18 March 1950 in Luton.

William and Jane’s eleventh child Jane was born on 23rd April 1874 in Edlesborough. In June 1915 Jane married Percy H Scales in Luton at 41 years old. It is unknown whether or not they had any children. Jane died on 1st January 1951 at 76 years Old.

William and Jane’s twelfth child Rose was born on 12th February 1876 in Edlesborough. On 15th October 1907 Rose married Henry Charles Woodham in Edlesborough. It is unknown whether or not they ever had any children.

Rose died at 65 on 5th February 1942.

William and Jane’s thirteenth child Sarah Minnie was born on 10 November 1877 in Eaton Bray. In December 1903 at 26 years old she married Henry Alfred Alcock in Eaton Bray. It is unknown whether or not they had any children. Sarah died at 69 on 2 January 1947.

William and Jane’s fourteenth child Albert was born on 20 August 1879 in Eaton Bray. Albert did marry in December 1901 but his wife or any children they may have had are unknown. Albert died on 7 November 1943 at 64 years old.

William and Jane’s fifteenth child Ernest was born on 20 May 1883 in Eaton Bray. Albert did marry in 1909 at 26 years old but his wife and any children they may have had are unknown. Albert died on 24 March 1966 at 77 years old.

William and Jane’s sixthteenth child Edward Charles was born 5 August 1885 in Eaton Bray. In March 1914 Edward married Emily Eliza Muskett in Eaton Bray but it is unknown whether or not they had any children. Edward died on 9 January 1944 in Eaton Bray.

William and Jane’s last son Harold Edgar born 18 February 1888 in Heath and Reach tragically died only a few months later on 15 April 1888.