Details of the Eaton Bray Forces Home-Coming Fund 1944-1945
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Forces Home-Coming Fund 1944-1945

Eaton Bray

A committee was formed in October, 1944, for the purpose of
organising a Fund, the proceeds of which have been given to Men
and Women of the Forces, and Men directed to the Mines, who went
from the Village in the Service of their Country.

Chairman - Mr. Arthur R. Roberts

Vice-Chairman - The late Mr. Ernest Gray, J.P.

Secretary - Mr. Leonard Tearle

Treasurers - The Eaton Bray Parish Council

Hon. Auditors - Messrs. MANTZ & APPLEBY

Committee -

Mr. P. E. Medley
Mr. H. Fountain
Mr. E. Bilham
Mrs. Couchman
Mrs. Loughton
Mrs. D. Tompkins
Miss G. Bates
Mrs. Medley

The Rev. D. Lawrence
Mr. U. F Loughton
Mrs. S. Oates
Mrs. W. G. Rollings
Miss King
Miss B. A. Thorne
Mrs. W. Gadsden
Mrs. Bilham

Mr. H. Howlett
Mr. David Tompkins
Mr. H. Danvers
Mrs. French
Captain -
      Salvation Army
Mr. Germany
Mrs. M. Marks

The sum of £12 each was paid to 122 Men and Women from Eaton
Bray who entered the Forces or served in the Mines. In the case of
those who fell, the amount was paid to the nearest relative.

Forces Home-Coming Fund, Eaton Bray, 1944-1945

Income for the fund came from:

  • House to house collections October 1944-December 1945
    • Collecting Box
    • Christmas Sale 1944
    • Spring Sale 1945
  • Womens Institute:
    • Oct 18th 1944 Revellers Concert Party
    • Jan 6th 1945 Revellers Concert Party
    • July 2nd 1945 Revellers Concert Party July
  • Womens Voluntary Service:
    • Nov 1st 1944 Stars in Battledress Concert
    • Oct 6th 1945 Whisky Sale
    • Nov 15 1945 Sale of Doll
  • Civil Defence:
    • Dec 8th 1944 Whist Drive
    • Feb 2nd 1945 Whist Drive
  • Eaton Bray Church:
    • Nov 15th 1944 Supper and Sing Song
    • Dec 22nd 1944 Church Funds Donation
    • Jan 1st 1945 New Years Party
    • Jan 11th 1945 Film Show
    • Jan 18th 1945 Supper and Sing Song
    • Mar 23rd 1945 Organ Recital by the Vicar
    • May 18th 1945 Easter Film Show
  • Beehive Club:
    • Dec 1st 1944 Dance
  • Methodist Church:
    • Dec 2nd 1944 Concert
    • Mar 8th 1945 Guild Youth Concert
  • Eaton Bray Council School:
    • Dec 14th 1944 Sale of Toys
  • Eaton Bray Home Guard:
    • Jan 15th 1945 Farewell Supper
    • April 18th 1945 Donation
    • June 6th 1945 Proceeds from Whitsun Sports
    • Mar 13th 1946 Donation
  • Youth Fellowship:
    • Dec 22nd 1944 Carol Singing
    • Mar 3rd 1945 Dance
  • Salvation Army Eaton Bray Corps:
    • Jan 13th 1945 Nativity Play
  • Harmonists Dance Band:
    • April 17th 1945 Dance
    • Sept 15th 1945 Dance
  • Social Club:
    • Oct 27th 1944 Dance
    • May 14th 1945 Film Show

Interest at Bank:

  • Total of 1,512 10 s 0d


  • Payments of 12 each to 122 persons
  • Cost of Renovating War Memorial and Inscribing the Names of the Fallen
  • Part Cost of Home Coming Supper and Social


  • Cheque Stamps
  • Printing
  • Room for Meetings
  • Collecting Box
  • Postage

Audit Accounts:

We have examined the books and vouchers of the fund and now certify that the above accounts are in accordance therewith

            Accounts & Auditors
                  13a West Street Dunstable

                  5th October 1948

We have names addresses and the forces in which they served in 1946 on their home coming but not regiments.