For Sale, Wanted, and any other notices you want to post.
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For Sale, Wanted, and any other notices you want to post

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Dr kildare
0344by Abigail
May 17, 2020
Dr kildare
0177by Abigail
May 17, 2020
hydrangea plant
0216by david brammer
May 2, 2020
soil and small stones
0171by david
April 28, 2020
House to Rent Wanted
0433by Steve Bannister
June 10, 2019
Well-rotted bagged horse manure
0575by Jacob
May 11, 2019
Website design services
0306by Jacob
May 11, 2019
22,576by Pippa
April 9, 2019
Painting & Decorating
01,316by Graham Blease
September 18, 2016
Annual Harvest Auction
0790by jane
September 16, 2016
bricklayer for hire
01,034by dave
April 20, 2016
Coffee Morning
01,057by jane
April 7, 2016
walking stick found
01,002by david
March 14, 2016
Female cleaner required for family home in village
01,008by Looking for fem...
March 13, 2016
caravan storage
01,207by david
January 12, 2016
21,225by Kathryn White
October 29, 2015
Wanted... Private field to rent
01,043by Jackie Eden
September 25, 2015
Wallet found in farmers field- can you help us fin...
01,101by Gracie gee
September 20, 2015
11,608by scott
June 16, 2015
Coffee Morning
01,308by jane
April 20, 2015
Local Carnation plants wanted please
01,161by Bernard
January 19, 2015
September 8, 2014
Does your dog need walking while your at work?
01,145by Darcy
September 7, 2014
Key found on Eddlesborough green
11,554by Gavin
July 14, 2014
01,299by Joanna
July 10, 2014
Experienced Childminder Available For Evening &Wee...
11,904by Visitor
April 4, 2014
Detached House/bungalow wanted
22,303by Alice
February 26, 2014
Highly experienced builder
01,417by R Marks
August 30, 2013
Garden Pots For Sale
02,169by Jill Taylor
March 8, 2013
DJ Discos
22,158by Darren Sharratt
January 13, 2013
Need an experienced babysitter?
04,736by Emily Tickell
June 16, 2012
recommended cleaning co wanted
01,632by Brian
May 5, 2012
Part time local domestic housekeepers wanted!
01,738by Amanda Giles
April 25, 2012
Self dig Christmas tree wanted
014,537by Neville
December 11, 2011
Don't waste "free" top-up credit - donate it :)
01,711by j t
August 13, 2011
Wanted: Observer Magazine 7.8.11
21,751by jane
August 8, 2011
treadmill loan for fundraising
223,667by sanchitha
January 17, 2011
grazing for horse and pony
012,112by Debbie Ruff
November 10, 2010
12,678by Sue
September 24, 2010
House to rent
02,229by Jo Able
July 22, 2010
office needed
02,381by Philip Hadlow
November 2, 2009
23,564by Edd Hawkes
October 6, 2009
Village Slide Show
33,618by jane tickell
October 4, 2009
Large amount of soil/harcore needed.
12,408by Bob Spiers
May 29, 2009
Traditional Live Music Night at Five Bells, Eaton ...
01,905by Diane Sondhi
November 5, 2008
60's, 70's and 80's Disco at Five Bells, Eaton Bra...
02,025by Diane Sondhi
November 5, 2008
Local Band Borrowed Blues Band playing live at Fiv...
02,141by Diane Sondhi
October 23, 2008
Live Rock Band Straightlife returning to Five Bell...
01,826by Diane Sondhi
October 23, 2008
Rock Band Straightlife playing at Five Bells, Eato...
22,088by Diane Sondhi
September 22, 2008

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