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Eaton Bray Primary School, 1954

This article was published in April 2014. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Ron Evans has very kindly supplied the photo below of Miss Jackson's class at Eaton Bray Primary School in 1954.

Do you know the names of anyone in the photo? If you can help with more names, please leave them in the comments below or contact us directly.

Eaton Bray Primary School, Mrs Jackson's Class 1954
Eaton Bray Primary School, Miss Jackson's Class 1954
(Back) Miss Jackson, Alan Stock, ????, Colin Goodyear, Norma Mardell, ????, Ron Evans
(3rd row) Gerald Cook, Andrew Fountain, ????, Bruce Wiseman, Daryl Burrows, Rod Ashton, Susan ??, ?? Sliney
(2nd row) ????, Shirley Horn, Diane ??, ????, Brenda Bird, Rosie Clarke, Linda ??
(Front) Sandra ??, ?? Robson, Jimmy Isherwood(?), ????

Source: Ron Evans

Eaton Bray Millenium Book

This article was published in May 2008. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Millennium BookThe Eaton Bray millenium booklet titled Eaton Bray - A Century of Change was origially published as part of the millenium celebrations by Eaton Bray Parish Council. It has now been reproduced on by kind permission of Peter and Mary Mayne, author and editor of the booklet respectively.

To view the contents of the Millenium Book, see Eaton Bray - A Century of Change.

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Website shows thousands of historical photos

This article was published in October 2007. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

More than 300,000 photographs of the country's greatest architectural treasures have been collected together in a digital Domesday Book.

The project, organised by English Heritage, has taken seven years to complete and includes photographs of Eaton Bray, Leighton Buzzard, Woburn, Linslade, Eggington and probably many more local places that I did not have time to find on the very large website

Image of Bellows Mill, Mr K W Newland, 26 September 1980

On it you will find almost every building and monument in the country that has been listed as being of architectural and historical importance.

By using the search facility visitors to the site are able to view images of 420 castles, 7,484 parish churches, 2,146 telephone boxes, 2,700 milestones, 55 garden sheds, eight waterfalls, 124,190 Victorian listed buildings, 82,250 Tudor listed buildings and 10,195 post 1901 listed buildings.

There are numerous other items such as 6,283 bridges, 73 bandstands and one racing pigeon loft.

Using the site will enable you to look up all the buildings of a particular architect, and if you are going away you can look up all the listed buildings in a particular area.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 30 October 2007