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Recycling in Eaton Bray

This article was published in January 2013. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Terracycle logoDo you use any of the following?

  • Baby food pouches (any brand pouches and Ella's Kitchen packaging )
  • Baby wipes packets (any brand)
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes (any brand)
  • Coffee packaging (any brand jar lids, pouches, coffee sticks etc)
  • Actimel bottles, Activia and Shape yoghurt pots (no other brands please)
  • Writing implements and correction fluid containers (any type except wooden pencils and wax crayons)
  • Mobile phones (any type but no chargers)
  • Biscuit wrappers (any brand of sweet biscuit wrapper)

Packaging that can be recycled in Eaton Bray

If so, please put them in the collecting box outside Eaton Bray Village Store or take them to the school office.

They will be collected, sorted and sent off to Terracycle who upcycle them and pay 2p per item to the school (more for mobile phones).

For more information see or
Eaton Bray Academy to benefit from New Recycling Scheme

or email [email protected]

Flood Alerts - Are You Prepared

This article was published in December 2012. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Slide in the rain - melodi2/sxc.huAs rain is expected to continue to fall over the next few days the Bedfordshire and Luton Local Resilience Forum members will be out and about to ensure you are kept up to date with any flooding news in your area.

Several flood alerts have been put into place within the county by the Environment Agency which includes the Great Ouse at Newport Pagnell to Turvey in Buckinghamshire and from Sharnbrook through Bedford to Wyboston.

Surface water is the biggest problem at the moment and Bedfordshire Police together with the Highways Agency are warning motorists to take extra care as they make their journeys throughout the weekend and over the festive period.

Motorists are also advised to keep an eye on weather forecasts and be prepared to change their journey plans if necessary. As the wet weather subsides motorist should also be extra vigilant as temperatures drop and possible black ice forms on road surfaces.

Assistant Chief Constable Andrew Richer, who is leading the Resilience Forum response, said: "A meeting of the Bedfordshire and Luton Local Resilience Forum, including emergency services and local authorities, was held today (Dec 21) to make sure all preparations for monitoring the water levels and warning the public are in place.

"All agencies are ensuring that they have enough resources available to deal with any flooding over the holiday period when traditionally most staff are on leave. With further heavy rain expected on Saturday and again at the beginning of next week be assured all members of the forum will continue to work closely together to monitor the situation regularly through the festive period."

He added: "The people of Bedfordshire are no strangers to the threat of flooding but now is the time when residents living in the areas that have previously flooded should take some precautionary measures by visiting the Bedfordshire and Luton Local Resilience Forum website where they can keep up to date with the latest advice and also access the Environment Agency website for further advice and news."

For further information householders can call the Floodline on 0845 9881188 which gives the latest state of flood alerts, and for advice on what preparations to make can visit the resilience forum website

Eaton Bray Academy to benefit from New Recycling Scheme

This article was published in December 2012. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Eaton Bray is one of the first locations to join a brand new nationwide recycling scheme set up by Kenco and TerraCycle called the Coffee Packaging Brigade, aiming to save coffee packaging waste from landfill.

A collection box for all brands of coffee packaging waste is situated at the Nisa Local on the High Street with funds being donated to Eaton Bray Academy for each unit of coffee packaging waste collected.

Terracycle Coffee Recycling

The majority of coffee packaging waste unfortunately ends up in landfill as local councils simply don't have the infrastructure to recycle mixed plastics. The waste however is recyclable, prompting Kenco to partner with TerraCycle to set up the Coffee Packaging Brigade with an initial 100 location spaces available across the UK.

The aim is to enable communities to come together to save as much coffee packaging waste from local landfill, whilst raising money for good causes. The coffee packaging waste will be recycled into generic plastic products such as park benches, watering cans and waste bins.

TerraCycle and Kenco appealed for people across the UK to find suitable locations in their communities that were willing to house a collection box and apply for a space.

Villager Anne Johnson arranged for a box to be located in Eaton Bray. Locals are now able to drop their waste coffee refill bags, coffee bean bags, single serving coffee sachets and coffee jar lids off to the collection box located outside the store 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mrs Johnson said: "It is great that Nisa Local have housed a collection box at their store to enable us to be one of the first communities in the UK to be able to recycle their coffee packaging waste. Two TerraCycle points are earned for the weight of each coffee packaging unit that is returned, with each point being redeemable for a one pence contribution.

"All the money raised will go to Eaton Bray Academy for the school's allotment project where children help to grow fruit and vegetables that are used in the school kitchen so we encourage local people to drop off all their coffee packaging waste and tell all their friends and family to do the same. The aim is to not only save as much coffee packaging waste from landfill as possible but also to raise as much as possible for the school."

Emergency forum helps locals save water

This article was published in June 2011. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

RingmasterA local resilience forum is helping locals save water after the Environment Agency recently confirmed that parts of Bedfordshire are experiencing drought.

Despite recent rain, the county is experiencing one of the driest six month periods across East Anglia, since records began. As a result the Bedford and Luton Local Resilience forum (BBLRF) is urging locals to save water by issuing tips which could saves households thousands of litres of water per year.

The forum, made up of Bedford and Luton councils, The Environment Agency and the bluelight service are asking locals to take simple measures such as not leaving the tap running when brushing this teeth, this alone can save up to six litres of water per minute which arcoss the country is enough to fill over 1,400 Olympic size swimming pools.

For more information on ways to save water and what the drought means for you visit:

Source: Ringmaster Bedfordshire