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July 2019

Neighbourhood Development Plan - July 2019

This article was published in July 2019. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Well, we are nearly there!

The NP has been through its formal Consultations including with CBC. An Examiner was appointed a couple of months ago and he proposed a number of amendments to Policies. The amendments supported our NP adding strength generally and improving our Sustainability Policy. All good! The next stage is the referendum, if we achieve over 50% approval in the referendum the NP will be classed as MADE and will sit alongside other formal Planning Policies for all Planning Applications in Eaton Bray up to 2035.

Summary of some (not all) of the achievements proposed in the NP:

  • To protect the Green Belt on its present boundaries.
  • To protect and enhance the special heritage assets of the village and its rural character.
  • To protect and improve the biodiversity value of the Parish.
  • To encourage walking in and around the village, and to better manage the harmful effects of traffic.
  • To sustain the range of community facilities, shops and businesses that are essential to community life.
  • To ensure that where infill development occurs, smaller and starter one, two and threebedroom homes are built.
  • Growth restricted to infill sites outside the Green Belt.
  • When a new dwelling is built it must provide a minimum of 1 parking space per new bedroom.
  • New dwellings will be highly sustainable.

The referendum should be held on 3rd October 2019 in mid-September 2019 or early November 2019.

During the July Parish Council meeting Councillors decided to hold an open meeting on 5th September 2019 in the Coffee Tavern, all residents will be invited to come along and discuss the NP, ask questions and see the Plan documents. The open meeting will be publicised on Facebook and notice boards around the village.

EBPC would like to send a huge thank you to everybody who helped in the development of this NP, especially all steering group members - whether you joined us for one meeting or a couple of dozen, thank you!

Neighbourhood Plan Drop-in session

Thursday 5th September 2019, 4pm – 8pm, The Coffee Tavern, Eaton Bray (1st floor)

All residents are invited to come along and discuss the NP, ask questions and see the Plan documents.
To understand the process and next steps. More details to follow – Facebook/Notice Boards.

Thank you.

Glenn Wigley
Chairman EBPC NP

Edited 16th August 2019 with referendum date and change of drop-in session times.