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September 25, 2014 by Jon in forum Eaton Bray Parish Council

#2166 Jon, 25 September 2014, 18:41

Yellow lines have now been placed at the bottom of School Lane. However the ones on the left hand side as you go down School Lane seem to have been extended to somewhat of a questionable position.
They do not extend to the parking layby infront of Old School Court meaning there is room for one vehicle to park virtually 10 metres back from the junction! This means the junction, now narrowed can be quickly blocked.
In addition to this the house on the corner has a double garage just back from where a car can park meaning they will be blind when exiting.
No 1 School Lane will also have trouble pulling on and off their drive too!
Why were these yellow lines not extended to the layby!!!!!!!!

#2169 Eaton Bray Parish Council, 30 September 2014, 14:15

Your points raised have been forwarded to Central Bedfordshire Highways to look into and action accordingly.

#2171 Jon, 1 October 2014, 16:50

Thank you

#2183 Jay, 3 November 2014, 22:14

I totally agree with the above comment posted by Jon, I have witnessed the owner of the house with the double garage attempting to reverse of their drive on a school morning with a car parked there, I could see how difficult this was and this more than likely will result in injury or a collision at some point in the future, I say extend the yellow lines up to the end of the bay and also on the opposite side of the high  street up to the bus stop, in addition to make this a child safe zone why has a zebra crossing not been included?

#2184 Gordon Johns, 4 November 2014, 12:18

Jay as you saw from the Forum the Clerk forwarded these comments to CBC Highways Dept, and they acknowledged receipt. As I'm sure you're aware the PC has no powers in this area, so the best approach is to make your comments direct to them which you can do on the website or telephone: then they should respond to you direct. The PC is looking into the possibility of a Pedestrian crossing or a School Crossing Patrol, but again as we have no powers in this area we can only try to persuade CBC to act.
Gordon Johns
Eaton Bray Parish Council

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