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Speed Restrictions on School Lane

November 9, 2010 by Jon in forum Eaton Bray Parish Council

#646 Jon, 9 November 2010, 22:43

Are there any plans for speed restrictions on School Lane?
Ironically it seems to be some parents dropping off and picking up children that use School Lane as a mini speedway. There are no signs at the bottom of the road to indicate a school, no speed bumps or indeed as I am aware no plans to reduce this road to 20mph or below.
This has become even more important since the introduction of the skate park and I worry that an accident is waiting to happen with the volume of children utilising the skate park via School Lane.

#652 Eaton Bray Parish Council, 17 November 2010, 14:01

Further to numerous requests from Eaton Bray Parish Council to Central Bedfordshire Council, Highways Division, regarding these issues along School Lane; the council have now received confirmation from Central Bedfordshire Council that they will be carrying out a speed/road assessment of School Lane in the near future.

#756 Jon, 9 January 2011, 10:30

Do we have a date in the "near future"?

#963 Jon, 14 August 2011, 21:38

The amount of traffic on School Lane has increased massively since the opening of the skate park and the speed of vehicles and motorbikes is dangerous.
When will the speed/road assessment actually take place?
Possibly after an accident!

#964 School Lane Resident, 15 August 2011, 22:10

I recently contacted the Police re this problem.
Lots of people driving to the Skate Park are speeding up and down at all times of day.

They seem to be powerless and referred me back to Highways Dept.- so it goes round and round!

#975 Jon, 15 September 2011, 15:49

Viv Dady has asked that everything is reported to herself.

#1174 Eaton Bray Parish Council, 25 March 2012, 12:34

The Parish Council are pleased to inform residents that the new speed limit for School Lane has been agreed, it is being reduced from 30mph to 20mph.  Central Bedfordshire Council will be installing new speed restriction signs in this area.

#1185 Eaton Bray Parish Council, 7 April 2012, 16:37

The new 20mph signs have now been fitted in School Lane, the Parish Council ask all residents to be aware of the new speed restrictions within this section of the parish.

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