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February 25, 2016 by Eaton Bray Parish Council in forum Eaton Bray Parish Council

#2399 Eaton Bray Parish Council, 25 February 2016, 13:27


Answering your questions on pavements. Keeping you informed, working to keep Central Bedfordshire's roads and pavements in good condition.

Responses to questions and comments raised:

(1) A section of pavement near me is dangerous. How do I report it?

You can call our Highways Helpdesk on 0300 300 8049 or you can report it on our Report It Online website page. You will need to register to use Report It Online first - this short video explains how to register. We will inspect the problem as soon as we can, and will try to do this within five working days. Urgent problems will be repaired or made safe within 24 hours of the inspection.

(2) Some pavements seem very uneven. Why aren't they repaired?

Trip hazards of over 20mm (0.8in) deep and more than 100mm (3.9in) across are treated as urgent repairs. These are repaired or made safe within 24 hours. Smaller hazards will be monitored.
'Patching' is also used as a short-term measure to hold the surface together until full resurfacing is carried out. We are able to cover more distance and provide better value for money by assessing the wear and tear on pavements to ensure that repairs and resurfacing, when undertaken, provide the best value investment for Central Bedfordshire and its residents.

(3) Some gardens have overgrown trees and hedges that make it difficult to use the pavements. What can the Council do about that?

Where an overhanging tree, hedge or shrub which does not belong to us but has been identified as an obstruction to road users, we will ask the owner in writing to cut it back. If after 28 days this has not been done then we will do it ourselves and charge the owner for the work. Use our Report It Online page to tell us about a problem in your area.

(4) Car-parking on pavements can also make it difficult to get about, especially if you have a pushchair or mobility scooter.

When there is a big problem with parking on pavements we write to residents to ask them to stop parking on verges and footways and sometimes we install signs to make it an offence to do so.

(5) It would be easier to get around if there were more pavements near me. Who do I contact to suggest pavement should be installed?

It is not always possible to introduce a pavement into an existing road layout. As with most issues, residents should, in the first instance, contact the Highways Helpdesk on 0300 300 8049.

Information obtained from CBCs News report:

#3599 Dr Michael Carter, 16 July 2019, 10:26

I am a Wallace Drive resident and use my bicycle to cycle to Leighton Buzzard. Over the 30 years I have used the gate into the Comp. It was much easier without the swing gate and post.
Now a larger post has been put in, and the local news is that disabled children going to the school cannot get through from the Comp.
I will probably have to go round by the High Street exit from Wallace Drive.
I count the placing of a larger post as an obstruction to disabled access, and the wrong use of public money.

#3601 Eaton Bray Parish Council, 17 July 2019, 18:49

Bollard/Barrier - The Comp/Wallace Drive

Issues regarding the bollard, remaining or removal of such (complaints were received for both options), were raised with the Parish Council (PC) at their meeting in June. The PC agreed that a barrier which would allow access for double buggies/wheelchairs but deter motorbikes, with safety in mind for users of this footpath, was the best option. The footpath comes under the jurisdiction of Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) and through recommendations the PC were expecting a different design to be fitted, i.e., staggered barriers (as have been used elsewhere), which would fulfill the safety aspect but still allow access for double buggies/wheelchairs – a good compromise for all footpath users.

In view of this, the PC have gone back to CBC to find out why staggered barriers were not installed - we are awaiting their reply.

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