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July 29, 2011 by Teejay in forum General Chat

#951 Teejay, 29 July 2011, 11:25

We live in Totternhoe and have recently refurbished our house to a very high standard.  We placed our house on the market and the first person to view put in an offer close to the asking price.  She was moving from Eaton Bray.  Thrilled with her decision she invited her parents to view our home.  Their comments were as follows:-

"You cannot possibly buy here - Totternhoe is a rough place and the property is ex-council!".  What an awful thing to say.  We absolutely love living in Totternhoe and there is the greatest sense of community in this village.  Our neighbours are all lovely and actually care about each.  How can somebody who lives in the next village be so small-minded.  We are not unhappy that this lady didn't proceed as we have agreed a sale with an alternative purchaser at a higher price - I am just disappointed at such a comment from one of your residents.

#979 Mark, 27 September 2011, 23:18

There are soem down to earth people here. Sorry about that, a tad unpleasant. Ugly & self-impressed. The sort of self-impressed comment that says it all.
Besides, come off it, when I last looked Eaton Bray was certainly no Belgravia! Or even an Aldbury? Everyday, it's looking less like most peoples' idea of a village, and more like a suburb of Dunstable.
Eaton Bray is a wannabee place. Present company excepted, with its residents, hell-bent on covering their houses in B&Q fake Victorian-style tat, plastic windows, carriage lamps, Disneyland plastic doors and block-paving it can only mean one thing. It's an all out effort to make their houses look as much like a tarted up right-to-buy as they can. So where that lady is coming from, Lord knows?! Has she not seen?

Totternhoe is suffering the same fate, but is certainly NOT worse. As is Edlesboruogh, Northall & Dagnall.

Looking at this 'village' today, save the green bits in between, if you could pick it up and move it until it touched the edge of Dunstable, I ask you, would most be able to tell where 'the village' ended and Dunstable started?

No one else did it, Eaton Bray did it to Eaton Bray. Doubt me? go look for yourself.

Sadly,  I know, I live here.

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