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Late night dogs barking

August 5, 2014 by Elizabeth Marks in forum General Chat

#2122 Elizabeth Marks, 5 August 2014, 23:59

This is the sixth night I have laid in bed and been kept awake by the stressful sound of dogs barking. I live in the village and the noise is to close for it to be the rescue centre.
The barking usually goes on from about 10pm-12.30am each night. It is causing me a lot of concern over why this is happening. Does anyone else hear this around this time, can anyone else help to identify why this is happening?
My main concern is the dogs welfare, it is the same time each night.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

#2214 Neil, 14 December 2014, 09:12

I hope this problem has been solved for you. I had a similar one with dogs in nearby gardens barking at each other. I spoke with the neighbours involved and contacted the dog warden, all very helpful. I have only just read your post so, again, I hope this problem has now been dealt with.

#2256 Elizabeth, 6 February 2015, 12:23

Thank you for your response. It seems to of settled down now. I did hear that someone else local to me also had the same issue a couple of years ago. Turns out someone had a house full of dogs. For me it is more a concern about there welfare so I hope whatever has happened the dogs are being cared for properly.

Many thanks

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