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Eaton Bray Race Track

April 18, 2014 by Elizabeth Marks in forum General Chat

#2012 Elizabeth Marks, 18 April 2014, 09:13

I love sitting down on a Sunday to watch the Grand Prix, and if I had money I would buy a lovely car.
But the one thing that does annoy me more than most is the way some drivers race through villages treating it like a race track.
I moved from one village in Hertfordshire because the speed in which motorists were driving was getting beyond silly. There were cars parked on zebra crossings and it became silly and dangerous. There had been two accidents in the space of a couple of months were people were knocked down.
I love Eaton Bray, it's a pretty little village but my goodness since I have moved here I have noticed some drivers racing through and racing down the roads that turn into lanes (the road before and the road after) the white horse pub.
Surely we need speed camera's or road chicane's on some of these roads.
Wildlife and people are at risk and it is sad that some people who drive through do not take these roads with care.
I wonder if anyone else feels the same, and if anyone else knows of how we can put measures in place to slow our traffic down?

#3480 robert gibbons, 15 March 2017, 16:22

You could enquire if it is possible to put a sign up, saying "please drive carefully through our village". This would seem a polite way of reminding drivers, that it is a small village. Apart from that, John Surtees,(83), Past champion of racing cars and bikes, who has just died, had his first race at Eton Bray, when he was a teenager, so it would seem, that there has been racing at Eton Bray,certainly in the    

#3491 Stefano Bottari, 8 May 2017, 22:14

A sign as suggested should help, I think: it's a good example of moral suasion. The first motorcycle race for John Surtees CBE at Eton Bray, in 1940, was at a grass track meeting and as such it did not involve speeding on public roads.

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