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dipping? hunting for streamlife?

July 28, 2010 by New to the village in forum General Chat

#490 New to the village, 28 July 2010, 09:25

Hello we're pretty new to the village and my three year old really ikes looking for wildlife we thought the brook running between eaton bray and edlesborough might be a good place to take a net and a bucket? Does anybody know of any good spots? or  whether there are any public footpaths by water in the village that we might be able to stick a small net in?

#526 ian mould, 12 August 2010, 19:45

when i was a kid we used to go dipping in the ford in edlesborough . also the meads , down the footpath next to the butchers ( if its still there ! )

#527 ian mould, 12 August 2010, 19:52

there is a stream at a spot we used to go to , its the footpath between the top right of bower lane and edlesborough green

#1095 Alfred hawkes, 14 November 2011, 21:46

right underneath the bridge on that stream at the top of the meads, if you stick your wellys on with a net you can flip over the rocks and be prepared for crayfish swimming out. the red ones can be eaten and are an invasive species from america too. so getting rid of them is a good thing as they are killing off our native species. If you do decide to eat them make sure to stick them in a bucket of tap water overnight to allow them to filter out any nasty stuff. then you can boil them up in boiling water and eat the meat like you would a crab. can't get much from 1 crayfish but you sure can make a posh meal with them.

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