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Carter Engineering, Eaton Bray

December 5, 2008 by Lord Hensingham in forum General Chat

#1 Lord Hensingham, 5 December 2008, 09:49

Any info on Carter Engineering, however small and insignificant would be greatly appreciated to help in identifying the Rover V8 petrol engine that I have.


#2 Martin, 9 December 2008, 23:11

Sadly Ian Carter died in 1998 and Carter Engineering closed it's doors forever. Ian was known world wide for his Hillman Imp engine tuning. I wasn't aware that he was into Rover V8's but that doesn't mean to say he wasn't. You may want to give this guy a call to see if he can help you. His name is Denis Allt he use to work with Ian Carter.

Dennis Allt
Unit17 Boxted Farm
Berkhamsted Road
Hemel Hempstead
Herts HP2 2SQ
tel/fax 01442 217610.
[email protected]
I hope this helps.
[email protected]

#3 Pete, 11 December 2008, 22:49

Hi Martin

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my appeal......... I have many queries concerning the engine as I don't even know what sort of fuel it runs on (leaded/unleaded) and there are a few things about the dual ignition systems that I need to know as well. I will certainly look up Dennis Allt and see if he can help with them.
I was sorry to hear of death of Mr Carter, I presume that was the reason for the demise of the Company.

Kindest regards to you............Pete...

#1509 reg dixon, 26 November 2012, 16:17

Carter Rover V8.
I worked with Ian at the time this engine was under development. It was a job for someone who wanted it for aviation hence the dual ignition. We spent quite a while siting the second 10mm spark plug which lived in inserts which I made to fit under the exhausts, and Ian welded in.
That's all I know.
Kind regards

#1518 Pete, 29 November 2012, 01:21

Hi Reg

Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply to my request for info. on the engine.  Do you know if it runs on leaded or unleaded petrol please?


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