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August 6, 2013 by Karen Carlson in forum Genealogy / History

#1797 Karen Carlson, 6 August 2013, 19:55

Births, deaths, marriages for Thomas, James or Jonathan Wootton and their wives and family.

#1798 Vanessa Evans, 7 August 2013, 07:58

A please and a thank you would be nice to include in your request.  

Or I am searching for..... could anyone help me.

#1799 Tom n Harry, 7 August 2013, 11:53

Eaton Bray Parish Records 1559-1812

May 15th 1804 Sarah daughter of James & Susanna Wooton.
October 11th 1805 Elizabeth daughter of James & Susanna Wooton.
October 11th 1808 William son of James & Susanna Wooton.
June 2nd 1811 Mary Ann daughter of James & Susanna Wooton.

December 1st 1803 James Wooton to Susanna Brinklow both of Eaton Bray.

#1800 Karen Carlson, 7 August 2013, 15:36

I am thoroughly embarrassed and humbled.  It was not my intent to be so thoughtless and thankless.  I had an emergency, but that is no excuse for not giving the appropriate please and thank you.  Please accept my sincere apology.  I'm always learning.

#1801 Karen Carlson, 7 August 2013, 15:40

My thanks to you Tom n Harry!  I apologize to you, too for not making a very thoughtful request. I truly appreciate your response.  Thank you, too, for the source!  It's invaluable information.
My regards,

#1802 Tom n Harry, 7 August 2013, 15:53

No bother Karen

May 14th 1787 William Brinklow to Mary Miller both of Eaton Bray.
June 29th 1788 Susanna daughter of William & Mary Brinklow.

#1803 Tom n Harry, 7 August 2013, 15:58


Bit short of Wootton in the early register but there is a lady named Charlotte Easter who lives in the US and who has contributed to this site in the past and may be able to help you.
I understand that she is in touch with a Marlow Wootton from Utah who has a comprehensive family tree.
Keep your eye on this post.

#1804 Vanessa Evans, 7 August 2013, 18:38


If you put Wootton in the search bar to the right, you'll bring up any other information that has been on this site.

I remember Marlow having an open tree, but the link doesn't seem to connect anymore.

#1805 Karen Carlson, 7 August 2013, 20:05

Great tips!  Thanks!

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