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Will of John Brown Blacksmith Eaton Bray

August 2, 2023 by Liz Oluwi in forum Genealogy / History

#3707 Liz Oluwi, 2 August 2023, 05:48


I am a descendent of John Brown who owned the Five Bells Pub and I read on here he made a will passing on the pub and Blacksmith workshop to his son, my 4x great grandfather, Sam Brown. I cannot find a copy of that will anywhere. I have the will of John's grandfather George Brown, the wheeler/yeoman who owned Chiltern View Cottage and died in 1743, But I cannot find John's will. I presume someone has access to it because you detail that John left the pub and forge to his son, Sam. I would really love to see the complete will. If anyone has access and could send me it.

Also, does anyone have any more details about Chiltern View Farm or about George Brown's father, Sam Brown who I have in my family tree dying about 1699; wives, Ann Cutlett who died in 1681; and Sarah who died  1695 and a daughter, Elizabeth who died  1680. I have a family tree, and someone has written that Sam owned Westcotts? cottage? Did such a place, exist? I can find no records except for a tree sent to me years ago by a someone and I can't remember who.

Are there anymore wills made by the Browns? I have one more, Luke Brown who was the son of George Brown (d 1743) who I believe moved to Uxbridge and died there as a blacksmith after previously moving to 1st Bushey, then Wrexham and finally Uxbridge, On his will he owns land in Wrexham and the parish burial record states he is from Wrexham.

Also, there seems to be a link with the Brown family and Bushey in Herts as 2 of George's sons lived there and he names them in his will: Roger and Samuel Brown. I know there was a William Brown in EB who married Elizabeth Jane in 1577 and there are 4 children baptised from 1578 onwards Roger, Robert, William and Frances in EB. But there are gaps in the records until the death records for Sam in 1699 and his wife Sara in 1695 and daughter Elizabeth. But Sam married Ann Culcott, who was from EB, in Kings Langley. So could the Browns have moved there? i found a will of a Marmaduke Brown, A clerk from Bushey who died in 1643 who names 2 sons Samuel and John. I wonder whether that Samuel is the Sam Brown who died in EB 1699? Maybe Marmaduke was born in EB and moved to Bushey? Or his father? Just speculating. I would love to go back a bit further. I only discovered about Ann Culcott after rejoining Ancestry. Does anyone have access to the actual marriage record? Does it state that Sam and Ann are from EB. Again, difficult to get hold of actual records as I am in Australia.

Sorry, that was rather long!



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