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Sun Yard.

November 26, 2010 by Vanessa Evans in forum Genealogy / History

#680 Vanessa Evans, 26 November 2010, 04:33

Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of finding an old map of Eaton Bray, that might be able to tell me where 79 Sun Yard was located.

#682 Bernie, 29 November 2010, 16:49

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#683 Tom n Harry, 29 November 2010, 16:58

Hi Vanessa.....Who lived in Sun Yard and when? Maybe we can work it out on census.....As for maps the above might be able to help. Sorry posted in wrong order.

#685 Vanessa, 30 November 2010, 06:13

Thanks Bernie and Tom n Harry.

It is the Dyer's Richard and Phillis and their children, that lived at 79 Sun Yard... actually the Janes family you were helping another lady with information, lived next door in number 78.

The other families are Fountain, Cato, Stone on the page of the 1871 census.

I'm glad I went and re looked at the census and went a few pages on and realise that the whole Dyer family seem to have been living there in different homes some on the same street of Sun Yard and also Phillis's family of the Brandham (Brandhom) which I hadn't looked into.  

Sun Yard then seems to go onto High Street with the census another one which I can't read and then to East End.

I've looked at a couple of older maps, but still no mention of Sun Yard on them.

#686 Vanessa Evans, 30 November 2010, 10:38

Going through the 1881 census, I have come across Hornes Yard, Eaton Bray.

Seems interesting that the addresses were stated as Yard's

They seem to be off of High Street.

#687 Tom n Harry, 2 December 2010, 11:16

Hi Vanessa...Sun Yard was behind the Sun Pub (Still Standing) which was in the High Street next to the Robuck. There were lots of Yards over the years but they were just small culdesacs which today would be called a Close or Way.

#688 Vanessa Evans, 2 December 2010, 16:30

Thank you so much for the information.

#689 Vanessa Evans, 2 December 2010, 17:02

Forgive my ignorance.  I found Roebuck Garage on High Street, through google maps, but could you tell me was the Sun Pub the building in front or to the left or right of the Garage, looking from the street to the garage, as there is no mention of Sun Pub on my directory.

Thank you.

#691 Tom n Harry, 3 December 2010, 19:38

As you look at the Robuck the Sun is on the left hand side.

#692 Vanessa, 4 December 2010, 03:49


#693 Vanessa, 4 December 2010, 08:23

Tom n Harry.

I sent a picture in a while ago of High Street, Eaton Bray.  It was put up in the Historical pictures.  Without knowing it, is that actually an old picture of Roebucks Garage and The Sun Pub next to it?
Have I overlooked that I actually already had a photo of basically where they lived, which is probably why it was sent to my grandmother here in Australia.

#694 Tom n Harry, 6 December 2010, 10:28

Hi Vanessa...Sorry , gave you some duff info. The Sun Pub was to the right of the Robuck as you look from the road. There is a small cottage, then St Giles Yard (Horns Yard)and then The Sun Pub.The only thing I got right is that it is still standing.

#695 Vanessa, 6 December 2010, 17:34

Ah, thank you Tom n Harry for letting me know.  

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