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Snoxall or Snoxell - Two or More Families ?

December 11, 2014 by Michael Angell in forum Genealogy / History

#2209 Michael Angell, 11 December 2014, 09:57

I would like some help in sorting out the confusion regarding the Snoxell/Snoxall families, there are different name spellings even within one family let alone the other variants. I think the problems stems from the two Gabriels one a Collarmaker and I think the other was a Farmer.
Gabriel the Collarmaker was the eldest son of Gabriel Snoxall who was tennant of Pedders at the Green or Lancotbury in Totternhoe as it is now called. Gabriels surname on the baptism's of his children in Eaton Bray in 1718, 1719,and 1723 were Snocksall,Snocksell and Snocksel.
The other Gabriel Snoxall b1688 in Totternhoe was married to Mary Horn and was the son of a William Snoxall and Elizabeth unknown.
Gabriel the Collarmaker's wife is also shown as Mary which adds to the confusion.
There were 11 children born to Gabriel and Mary
In Totternhoe the majority of them bearing the surname Snoxell.
I would really appreciate help in identifying Gabriel the Collarmaker's wife , siblings and parents also the 11 Children,
I have a lot of information on Snoxell/Snoxall
families but would like it to be more accurate


#2328 trevor snoxall, 5 July 2015, 05:03

Informations about snoxall's in Australia

#3438 Jack Costin, 14 August 2016, 09:20

There seem to be alternative spellings for Snoxall including Snocksale.
Sarah s. married a cousin of mine William Costen/Costin in Tottenhoe on 11 NOV 1743.
Sarah was 1st born of 4 of Gabriel b.1688

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