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Scott and Gaddedsen

July 4, 2013 by Lin Grocott in forum Genealogy / History

#1751 Lin Grocott, 4 July 2013, 11:36

My relative James Scott died in 1857.  He was married to Hannah Rollings and on the death Certificate Elizabeth Gadesden was with him when he died.  On your information on the gaddesden family you say they moved in with there sister when parents died but they are all called Rollings. Hannah says she is 1 year old and sister in law to the head. I can't work out what relation to James Scott Elizabeth Gadesden was.

#1752 Lin, 5 July 2013, 12:18

Sorry just checked again and Hannah is the daughter.  Jesse Gadsden is called Rollings on it though.  Still not sure who Elizabeth Gadsden is?

#1753 Tom n Harry, 6 July 2013, 06:31

Have you got any dates for James Hannah and Jesse please.

#1759 Lin, 7 July 2013, 12:04

James was born 19th February 1821 in Edlesborough.   Parents John Scott and Mary Tomkins.  Hannah Rollings born 4th April 1818 Eaton Bray parents John Rollings (Rawlins) and Ann Thorn.

Jesse i don't know about but you have him on this site living with Hannah when she is 1 year old and 11 years old.  From what you say he is a Gaddesden but is called Rollings on the census.

It was Elizabeth i wanted to know about as she was with James in 1851 when he died but i don't know who she is?

#1761 Tom n Harry, 8 July 2013, 16:04

The Hannah you mention is in the 1851 census and so can't be your Hannah married to James.
Think I have found your Hannah in 1841 with parents John Rollings who is a Tailor and Ann.

#1762 Tom n Harry, 8 July 2013, 16:45

Can't find a connection to Elizabeth Gadsden to Scott family.
There are 2 I can find in Eaton Bray in 1861 after John died and the nearest lives 4 doors away.
May have just been a friend of the family.
Did John die suddenly or was it an illness?

#1768 Lin, 11 July 2013, 13:19

I had found that census were she lived a few doors away.  I have since found a marriage in 1865 of Elizabeth Horton Gadsden and Charles Scott.  She was probably there as a friend or she was courting the son.  Thanks for your help.

#1776 Charlotte Easter, 16 July 2013, 22:37


Elizabeth Horton Gadsden married William Bird in Eaton Bray on 4 May 1865 not Charles Scott. Charles married Mary Ann Brown in Eaton Bray on 30 May 1865.

#1781 Lin, 22 July 2013, 13:40

Thanks Charlotte.  When the four names came up of who had got married there was William Bird and Charles Scott so i presumed she had married Charles.  Thanks again.

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