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Nutkins of Eaton Bray

December 16, 2014 by Martin Bentley in forum Genealogy / History

#2222 Martin Bentley, 16 December 2014, 15:05

I`m trying to trace the Nutkins who lined and had offspring in Eaton Bray around 1690-1710.They are an offshoot of the family who I am researching that lived around Edlesborough and Kensworth.
Any information would be really valuable to me as I am trying to work with Four John Nutkins of around the same period who all appear to be related. Some of them are Quakers which makes it all the more difficult as there are fewer records.
PS I live in the North, otherwise I would be in the records office in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire to try and solve this.Thanks.

#2223 Tom n Harry, 16 December 2014, 16:03

Eaton Bray Parish Register 1559-1812 All spelt as transcribed.
March 17th 1687 Ward son of John & Katherine Nutkins
July 2nd 1689 Deborah daughter of John & Katherine Nutkins
Feb 1st 1691 Lucy daughter of John & Katherine Nutkins
Jan 31st 1694 John son of John & Catherine Nutkins
May 24th 1698 William son of John & Catherine (Bricklayer) born same day
June 15th 1701 Thomas son of John & Catherine Nutkins (Bricklayer) born June 14th
May 16th 1706 Mary daughter of John & Katherine Nutkins (Bricklayer) born same day
June 13th 1687 John Nutkins to Katherine Paul
Feb 15th 1690 John Nutkins
Jan 6th 1699 John son of John & Catherine Nutkins
July 3rd 1704 Thomas son of John & Catherine Nutkins , Bricklayer

#2224 Tom n Harry, 16 December 2014, 16:05

Totternhoe Parish Register 1559-1812.
Marriage Aug 20th 1713 Joseph Ward to Deborah Nutkins

#2350 Martin Bentley, 12 September 2015, 18:36

Thankyou for the information you posted for me regarding the Nutkins family in Eaton Bray-I have only just found the information that you researched for me and it is invaluable to my tree and gives me a lot more relevant facts that I didn`t previously have-I really appreciate you time and effort-thanks,Martin

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