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Looking for Peter Bray born 1718

March 9, 2010 by Stacy Bray in forum Genealogy / History

#251 Stacy Bray, 9 March 2010, 07:24

Peter's family moved into Bedford at some point.

#252 Tom n Harry, 9 March 2010, 08:25

Tough one...Found the baptism of Peter 1718 on family search and marriage to Martha Scott.Also found a story on Ancestry of Marthas father Abraham.Im sure you have seen these....I do have some enteries for the Bray family in Parish Records but dont know if its your family.Will post them soon....Are you in America?

#253 Tom n Harry, 9 March 2010, 08:31

From Eaton Bray Parish Records...Marriage...Jan 28 1565 Francis Pooley to Denise Bray...Aug 14 1569 Richard Bray to Jane Halwell...Aug 16 1586 Mr William Sandys to Mrs Mary Bray.......Burial...Aug 21 1560 Lady Elizabeth Bray.

#254 Tom n Harry, 9 March 2010, 09:31

If he was born in Bedfordshire you may get some info from.......Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records service,Riverside Building,Borough Hall,Bedford,MK42 9AP...Tel 01234 [email protected]

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