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Looking for the location of Mowell in the Parish

April 11, 2021 by Ross Parish in forum Genealogy / History

#3661 Ross Parish, 11 April 2021, 10:46

Hope someone local may be able to help with my request for information on a local spring called Mowells which is/was a rare example of a rag spring in the south midlands. I have two sources:

"Other ancient observances may survive, for I have known a spring called Mowell in Eaton Bray to be suspiciously hung about with coloured rags. Such springs very often conceal antiquities."

F. G. Gurney, Note on healing wells Publications of the Bedfordshire Historical Record Society Vol 5 1920

"A spring known as Mowell is on the southside of the road leading from the village to the Ickneild Way, in a former Open Field called Mowells Hill Field'

J. Steele Elliott Bygone Water supplies Bedfordshire Historical Record Society Vol 2

I would be interested if anyone knows of its exact location and condition it is in currently. the second source also mentions a lower Mowells  on the N side and NE of the larger spring and a Foxwell - said to be a drumming site for gypsies near the Plough inn.

Many thanks in anticipation. Regards Ross

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