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John Cook ancestry

October 14, 2010 by Linda Ottery in forum Genealogy / History

#606 Linda Ottery, 14 October 2010, 14:30


My 4x Great Grandfather, John Cook, was living at 126 Great Green, Eaton Bray according to the 1851 English census, along with his wife Mary Ward. He was 64 years old, with the occupation given as "agricltural labourer" and died in the 4th Quarter of 1851 at Leighton Buzzard. One of his children, Henry William Cook born about 1826 (my 3x Great Grandfather) came to Australia at an unknown date. His other children remained in Bedfordshire. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on his family, or find any further information re the Cook or ward families.
I live in Australia, and am trying to follow in the footsteps of my Mother, and continue her search in the genealogy and history of our family.

Many thanks from Linda

#610 Tom n Harry, 15 October 2010, 08:59

Hi Linda....On 1851 census John is born in Soulbury Bucks so we don't have any parish records but on the Hugh Wallis IGI site there is a baptism for a John Cook 5th September 1784 Soulbury Bucks with parents Thomas Cook and Ann. Can't find a marriage in Soulbury for Thomas and Ann.Are you looking to go back or looking for Henry's siblings?

#611 Tom n Harry, 15 October 2010, 09:41

Have you found the family in 1841?...We need to find some of the family together and then we can follow them.

#612 Tom n Harry, 15 October 2010, 12:39

Found your tree on ancestry and looked for family....Found Sarah i think.Can't find a marriage or death that fits but....1851 census living at the Rye Eaton Bray...Thomas Ward,h,48,farm lab,Soulbury...Sarah Ward,w,41,straw plaiter,Edlesborough,(Northall crossed out)...Leah E Ward,d,8,straw plaiter,Eaton Bray...Caroline Ward,d,6,scholar,Eaton Bray...1861 census living private house Great Green Eaton Bray...Thomas,h,58,ag lab,Soulbury...Sarah,w,51,straw plaiter,Northall (reg as blind)...Caroline,d,16,straw plaiter,Eaton Bray...Mary Cook,mum in law,81,pauper,Edlesborough.

#613 Linda Ottery, 16 October 2010, 04:12

Thanks Tom n Harry,

I couldn't find them on the 1841 census, so thanks for the information. I am trying to trace ancestors back from my 3x Great grandfather who came to Australia. I can't find shipping records for him, and wondered why he alone came to Australia. Families usually came together, so I'm looking for both things!

I am a carer and don't get much time on the interenet, so I appreciate your help.

Cheers from Linda

#614 Tom n Harry, 16 October 2010, 10:09

Hi Linda...Have you any idea where Henry landed or lived when he first came to Oz or where you parents or grand parents were born.

#615 Linda Ottery, 16 October 2010, 11:35


My 3x Great Grandfather, Henry William Cook, the youngest son of John Cook and Mary Ward was born in abt. 1826 (place unknown) and married his wife, Jane Dyson in Sydney in 1851.

Jane Dyson was born in 1831 in Suffolk, but can find no mention of her arrival either, although her father died in 1844, and her mother (Catherine Dallas) and other Siblings all came to Australia at some point - I presume between 1844 (death of her father) and 1851 (date of her marriage)

Henry William Cook had 4 siblings that I know of, Sarah b. 1810; William b. 1816; Hannah b. 1817-1901; Ann b. 1821. All these siblings were born, and stayed, in in Bucks or Bedfordshire.

I have found this information via other trees.

Tracing the arrival of a "Henry Cook" to Australia is mind boggling, as there were many people of that name, and the passenger lists do not give a place of birth, just of depature and arrival. I assume he would have arrived at "Port Jackson" otherwise known as Sydney NSW.

From thereon it is easy to follow their descendants, all who lived and died in Sydney, or NSW - my direct line stayed in Sydney, while some of Jane Dyson's siblings moved around country NSW

I really appreciate your help, and hope the above makes things a bit clearer.

Many thanks from Linda

#616 Tom n Harry, 16 October 2010, 11:59

Thanks Linda..Problem I'm having at the moment is finding Henry's birth or baptism.As we can't find the family in 1841 yet we need to find his siblings.Was Mary definitely a Ward?.....Other thing is could Henry have been a convict as transportation was around this time.

#617 Tom n Harry, 16 October 2010, 12:40

Found Jane in Dalham Suffolk in 1841 census.Clutching at straws but thought maybe Henry knew her before Oz but no sign of him.

#618 Linda Ottery, 16 October 2010, 12:44

Hi Tom n Harry,

I have just been looking at a family tree created by my 3 cousin (from the same line) and I think I have Henry's name twisted about - she has him listed as "William Henry Cook"!

So if I change his name I may come up with some birth data. I'm not sure she has it sussed completely as she has him born in London, with the occupation of "Watchmaker". I know she is unsure of this side of the family and has asked me to look into more closely, so I hope I am at least on the right track if I can find a William Cook born in Bucks or Beds.

Cheers from Linda

#619 Tom n Harry, 16 October 2010, 13:11

Linda...Do you think that parents and siblings are right?

#620 Tom n Harry, 16 October 2010, 13:57

Only marriage I can find that looks right is John Cook to Mary Puddefoot 10th June 1808 Edlesborough Bucks.Also a baptism for a William Cook with same parents 8th October 1815 Eaton Bray Wesleyan.Does anyone in the family live near or can check on William/Henry's grave.

#621 Linda Ottery, 16 October 2010, 14:26


Thanks again for your help. William Henry is buried in Sydney's main cemetery "Rookwood". I have a few relatives who still live in Sydney, and will ask them to do some hunting around for me. I will also try and get a copy of his death certificate from Nola, my 3rd cousin and see what I can gather. If we must go back to scratch we will, so more sleuthing to do!

I will let you know (eventually) how we get on.

many, many thanks for your help and now it's time I went to bed 12.30 am here!

PS I noticed that in 2009 there was a message posted to the guest book by a Mike? Morgan of Sydney Australia, looking for his family from Eaton Bray - they would be the same as mine this is my maternal grandmothers lineage!

#622 Tom n Harry, 17 October 2010, 07:59


If you can get a copy of the marriage cert that again could confirm age and name of father.Should also give us his occupation and could give a clue as to where he may have been in England.I have found a couple of entries that could be William in 1841 serving as an apprentice.

#939 Linda Ottery, 15 July 2011, 06:00

Hi Tom n Harry,

I have just got back to looking at the Cook family, and have found 2 Cook families in my trees; one on my paternal line - Henry William Cook from Eaton Bray, born 1806. He was a convict who came to Australia, departing from Portsmouth on 8 April 1830 on board the ship "Lady Ferversham", arriving in Sydney, Australia on 29 July 1830. He had been convicted of "Robbing Lodgings" and sentenced to 7 years transportation.

The original William Henry Cook (from my maternal line) that I was searching for, was born in London, as suggested by my cousin.

Very confusing all around, but have things a bit clearer now. Thanks for all your help!

Cheers from Linda

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