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February 1, 2010 by Tom n Harry in forum Genealogy / History

#152 Tom n Harry, 1 February 2010, 08:18

Hi, I am looking into my family history and I am having trouble finding the death of Rebecca Janes born about 1823,she's in the census returns till 1871 then nothing. Also the death of Ann Morgan it would have been after 1830 and both of these lived local to Eaton Bray.
Would be grateful for any info.......Dawn Lunnon,Dunstable

#153 Tom n Harry, 1 February 2010, 08:41

Need a bit more info Dawn.....Are Janes and Morgan maiden or married names...Where is Rebecca living on census.

#154 Dawn Clarke, 1 February 2010, 11:55

Thanks for your promp reply.
Ann White Bap.1797 in Eaton Bray
Married William Morgan 22/10/1818 they had 3 children
Harriet Elizabeth 1819
Jesse 1821
Absolem 1830
I think Harriet married and died before 1837. Jesse was working on a farm in Totternhoe and Absolem was living at Moor End with another family in 1841. They were both living with their Grandmother in 1851 census. Will send Janes as a separate query
Regards Dawn

#155 Dawn Clarke, 1 February 2010, 12:08

Rebecca Janes: As far as I can tell she never married. 1841
she is in Ivinghoe with the Howard family
1851 she is in Edlesboro with Mary Heels
1861 she has moved in with Richard Janes with whom she seems to have had 3 children, living in Edlesboro.
1871 Richard Janes has died and she says she is a widow (although I can find no marriage)they lived in Sun Yard Eaton Bray. I can find no trace of her or her children in 1881, her daughter Naomi was my Gt. Grandmother and she married in 1887 in Dunstable. The only other clue I have for both the Morgans and Janes is that they may have been buried as Weslyans.
Hope this will help
Regards Dawn

#156 Dawn Clarke, 1 February 2010, 12:10

Rebecca Janes: As far as I can tell she never married. 1841
she is in Ivinghoe with the Howard family
1851 she is in Edlesboro with Mary Heels
1861 she has moved in with Richard Janes with whom she seems to have had 3 children and they are still in Edlesboro.
1871 Richard Janes has died and she says she is a widow (although I can find no marriage)they lived in Sun Yard Eaton Bray. I can find no trace of her or her children in 1881, her daughter Naomi was my Gt. Grandmother and she married in 1887 in Dunstable. The only other clue I have for both the Morgans and Janes is that they may have been buried as Weslyans.
Hope this will help
Regards Dawn

#157 Tom n Harry, 2 February 2010, 12:16

Struggling....Do you have any marriages for Naomis brothers or sisters.Sometimes when a father died the rest of the family would go to live with a married relation and sometimes even change their surname as Gadesdens did on an earlier posting....Only thing I can find at the moment are baptisms for Elizabeth and John on 07/02/1864 and they only have an entry for Rebecca as mother but no father.....Will keep searching.

#158 Tom n Harry, 3 February 2010, 08:16

Giving Rebecca a rest for the moment....I see you have William Morgan(Anns husband) burial in 1850.Have you found him on 1841 census.

#159 Tom n Harry, 4 February 2010, 18:06

Posted a thread on Genes Reunited about Ann White but only got info back for Williams parents and Harriets baptism so far.Have found Jesse on all census up to his death in 1903 and absolem to 1861 when he was in Aldershot in the army.The 49th regiment of foot......Will try something else.

#160 Dawn Clarke, 5 February 2010, 19:33

Re: Rebecca Janes
Son John lived with brother George in 1881 census he married Elizabeth Ann Harley in Woburn 1887 and was living in Duntable in 1901 census
Emma was in luton workhouse 1881 census and married Walter Cockle in 1882 but no sign of Rebecca
I have a family photo of (we were always told) grandma Janes with my grandmother who was Naomis daughter and born 1893.

#161 Dawn Clarke, 5 February 2010, 19:35

Cannot find William Morgan in 1841 census

#162 Tom n Harry, 5 February 2010, 20:01

Am now looking for death for william Morgan and marriage for Ann.....And maybe marriage for Rebecca.If she is widowed in 1871 only aged 50 she may need income a marriage would bring.

#163 Dawn Clarke, 6 February 2010, 12:15

Ithought Rebecca may have lodged somewhere as a housekeeper but I can find no trace of Naomi in 1881 who would have been about 14 at the time. You don't have to be baptised or married but you do have to be buried so you would think it would be easy to find them but it's not.

#165 Tom n Harry, 7 February 2010, 19:50

I thought Rebecca only had 3 children but just found a baptism for Emma on the same day as Elizabeth and John 07/02/1864 with no father but Rebecca as mother.Are there any more children?...Did Richard have any brothers and sisters?

#166 Dawn Clarke, 8 February 2010, 02:49

Richard was married to Caroline Ashwell in Jan 1845 she died July 1883 and she had 5 Children; William George Draper Ashwell who i don't think was Richards son 1839 George Janes 1846 Jem Janes 1849 died 1849 Mary Ann 1841 and Jesse 1853 died 1855.
Rebecca had a son John in 1841 (I assume he died as he wasn't with her in 51)and just Emma in 1851 Elizabeth 1857 John 1860 and Naomi in 1866
Richard had 1 brother and 5 sisters

#167 Tom n Harry, 8 February 2010, 11:06

Dawn..Do you have any birth certs for any of Rebeccas children?..Working backwards from Naomi at the moment.I think if we can find her in 1881 we should be able to find Rebecca.It does seem that we might have to find Wesleyan or even Baptist records.Do you have a baptism for Naomi?

#168 Dawn Clarke, 8 February 2010, 13:10

Yes I do, she was born 18 May 1866 at Edlesborough. Mother Rebecca Janes (no fathers name)it was registered by Rebecca. I don't have any for the others, if you think it may help I will send for the others.

#169 Tom n Harry, 8 February 2010, 13:20

Dont know if it will help or not but Im starting to think that Richard may have been a relation when she moved in with him and not kids father.I have his death in 1867.Is that right?....Have also found 2 more baptisms in Edlesborough on the same day as Emma,Elizabeth and John......Elizabeth and Joseph with parents George Janes and Mary Ann.They are in Edlesborough in 1871 but cant find them in 1881.Must be related!!!!!

#170 Tom n Harry, 8 February 2010, 13:47

Found the other Janes family in 1881 living in Finchley London.Still no sign of Rebecca or Naomi.....If Richard was Naomis father then I cant see any reason for him not to be on birth cert.

#171 Dawn Clarke, 8 February 2010, 15:41

Naomi has Dick Janes as her father on her marriage cert.although that doesn't mean he was. The reason there is no fathers name on the birth cert. is that if you are not married and Rebecca wasn't, you cannot name someone as the father. They have to be present at the registration and usually it would have meant taking time off work and most could'nt afford to do that. There are so many "Janes" locally it is so hard to know who is related to who.

#172 Dawn Clarke, 8 February 2010, 15:43

Yes Richard did die in 1867 and Rebecca was presant at death

#175 Tom n Harry, 9 February 2010, 15:53

Tried GR to find Naomi in 1881 but as yet no good...Have tried Dunstable Library for Wesleyan records but again no good...Will try Leighton Buzzard hopefully later this week.

#176 Tom n Harry, 9 February 2010, 15:57

Enjoyed the photos.Think I knew one or two from the Chequers.Thanks for them...

#177 Dawn Clarke, 10 February 2010, 11:48

Glad you liked the photos

#204 Tom n Harry, 22 February 2010, 14:39

Found a marriage for Harriet Elizabeth Morgan September 1839 reg Leighton Buzzard.There are possible 4 partners John Norman,Joseph Hull who I think I have found. That leaves Edward Munn and Mathew Jones.Could give us a clue to Ann.

#234 Tom n Harry, 4 March 2010, 14:36

Hi Dawn.......Still working on it but getting nowhere fast...Came across some entries in the national roll of the great war that could be your family...C Janes,Driver,Royal Army Service Corps,High St Edlesborough...S E Janes,Driver,Royal Horse Artillery,High St Edlesborough...S Room,MM,Private,Beds Regiment Union St Dunstable...P F Room,Sapper,Royal Engineers,High St South Dunstable..Have info if you want it.

#235 Dawn Clarke, 4 March 2010, 19:03

Hello, That does sound as if it could give us a clue to Ann Morgan as she did have a daughter Harriet Elizabeth.
Any info re. Janes or Room would be great

#236 Tom n Harry, 5 March 2010, 21:09

ROOM P F SAPPER, ROYAL ENGINEERS... High St South, Dunstable... He volunteered in Feb 1915 & in the same year was drafted to Egypt, where he served for a time. In June 1916 he was sent to France & in this theatre of War was engaged in important duties as a telephone operator on the Somme & Cambrai fronts. He was demobilised in June 1919 & holds the 1914/15 Star & the General Service & Victory medals.

#237 Tom n Harry, 5 March 2010, 21:17

ROOM S (MM) PRIVATE, 5th Bedfordshire Regiment... Union St, Dunstable... Volunteering in August 1914 he was shortly afterwards drafted to France. He took part in the fighting in the retreat from Mons & the engagements which followed until the following year when he was transferred to the Dardanelles where he fought at the landing at Gallipoli and in the subsequent battles. He afterwards served in Italy for a time. During his service overseas he was awarded the Military Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry & Devotion to Duty in the Field. He also holds the Mons Star & the General Service & Victory medals and was demobilised in May 1919 after returning to England.

#238 Tom n Harry, 5 March 2010, 21:22

JANES S E DRIVER, Royal Horse Artillery... High St, Edlesborough... He joined in 1916 and on the completion of his training at Woolwich was drafted to the Western front. Whilst in this theatre of War he fought on the Ancre, at Lens & Cambri and also did excellent work with the Signal Section of his Battery during the concluding stages of the War. He was demobilised in 1919 and holds the General Service & Victory medals.

#239 Tom n Harry, 5 March 2010, 21:27

JANES C DRIVER, Royal Army Service Corps... High St, Edlesborough... He joined in 1916 and in the same year crossed to the Western front where he rendered excellent service in the transport of supplies in the Somme, Arras, Vimy Ridge, Lens & Cambri sectors until the cessation of hostilities. He returned to England & was demobilised in 1919, holding the General Service & Victory medals.

#243 Dawn Clarke, 7 March 2010, 16:48

Thanks for all the info, I think S Room may have been my Great Uncle.Something for me to check out

#351 Bernie, 2 May 2010, 08:50

Hi Dawn...Still no luck on Rebecca...Posted on GR and had some replies but still cant find.The post is called "Rebecca & Naomi 1881"in case you would like to see it.The only thing that might be Rebecca is a death reg LB March 1875 3b 339.Age is about 10 years out but if you order the cert from Milton Keynes the informant may be a member of the family.This way you can rule it out either way.

#412 Dawn Clarke, 1 July 2010, 21:29

Hi Bernie, Got that death certificate for Rebecca and thought at first it was the right one but no luck so will try another date.
Regards Dawn

#413 Tom n Harry, 5 July 2010, 10:36

Hi Dawn...Just trawled through the death records from 1871 to 1890 to see if I missed anything but still nothing...Will try marriage records for same period later...Dont think she could have missed two census if she was still alive.

#419 Dawn Clarke, 7 July 2010, 10:58

Ok, thanks

#420 Tom n Harry, 7 July 2010, 17:07

Dawn...Searched marriages 1871-1887 when Naomi married but still nothing...Need some new ideas.

#421 Tom n Harry, 7 July 2010, 18:27

Just sent a message on Genes asking for info for Rebecca & Naomi on 1881 census.Waiting to hear back...

#455 Dawn Clarke, 15 July 2010, 16:38

I think we are running out of ideas. I am waiting for another deathe cert. for a Rebecca Janes so hope that may be the one.
In 1841 census she was living in Ivinghoe with the Howard family so don't know if she was related to them. In 1851 she was in Edlesborough with daughter Emma,Mary Heels and Elizabeth Janes but says she is a lodger. don't know if that will help

#456 Tom n Harry, 15 July 2010, 16:50

Dawn...Have found a book of births and deaths for Leighton Buzzard union workhouse.Its on its way now.Cant think of anywhere else she could be...There is a Rebecca Janes living with a Howard family in Edlesborough 1881 but age again is wrong and where is Naomi?

#458 Tom n Harry, 16 July 2010, 19:35

Dawn...Book has arrived but no sign of Rebecca.Dont know where to go next....There are some Janes and also Lunnons if you want them.

#460 Dawn Clarke, 18 July 2010, 13:06

Yes please to the Janes and Lunnons, any info is good. I am waiting for the death cert of another Rebecca 1885 aged 54 and will let you know if it is the one, fingers crossed.
Regards Dawn

#463 Tom n Harry, 18 July 2010, 19:03

Dawn...Entries tell you names,dates and the parish they were charged to...Sunday 5th August 1860 Frances Lunnon age 71 years Eaton Bray...Monday 26th November 1860 Sarah Lunnon age 22 years Eaton Bray...4th July 1886 George Lunnon age 84 years Ivinghoe.

#464 Tom n Harry, 18 July 2010, 19:35

13th Mar 1867 Daniel Illeg s of Mary Janes of Ivinghoe…
8th Jun 1870 Frederick Illeg s of Elizabeth Janes of Edlesborough…
4th April 1886 (blank) Illeg d of Emma Janes of Leighton Buzzard…
Wed 6th July 1864 John Janes 10 years Edlesborough…
Wed 20th Sept 1867 Daniel Janes 1 year Ivinghoe…
Mon 2nd Aug 1869 Elizabeth Janes 33 years Ivinghoe…
26th  May 1872 at 5am Joseph Janes 13 years Ivinghoe…
7th June 1873 Ann Janes 75 years Slapton…
28th Feb 1882 Thomas Janes 43 years Edlesborough…
9th Feb 1884 Eliza Janes 73 years Slapton…
16th June 1884 Thomas Janes 70 years Eaton Bray…
29th Nov 1884 Frederick Janes 14 years Leighton Buzzard…
28 th Dec 1890 Emma Janes 30 years Leighton Buzzard…
26th June 1891 James Janes 69 years Edlesborough…
27th Aug 1891 William Janes 67 years Ivinghoe…
9th Feb 1899 Mary Janes 73 years Ivinghoe

#503 Dawn Clarke, 29 July 2010, 16:28

Wasn't the correct death certificate for Rebecca Janes, have sent for one more but if thats not the right one I don't know where else to look.

#509 Dawn Clarke, 4 August 2010, 14:55

Certificate came today but wasn't the right Rebecca Janes. There are no more listed in Free BMD so I have to assume she changed her name as I can't find a marriage for her.

#918 Barry, 29 May 2011, 21:47

"Harriet Elizabeth Morgan" 1831-1931, of Louisiana, was my GG Grandmother. Inquire if further info needed..(There was a "Texas" lady of the same name, not the same immediate family)

#958 wendy , 13 August 2011, 00:23

hiya searching for a few family names from greenwich london name of carter,janes,roberts and hart is weird because the janes and carter are to differant famiy but my great grandmothers were both called roberts one married one maiden cheers wendy

#1371 Penny Brown, 19 October 2012, 12:03

Surname Janes,

Is there a copy of Elizabeth Gurney marrying Richard Janes 20/05/1766? Elizabeth Gurney bpt 1738, her father Robert Gurney is either alias Cooke or Bonnick. ANy help very welcome.


#1374 Tom n Harry, 22 October 2012, 11:32

Hi Penny
Sorry for the delay in replying.

There is a record of marriage for Richard James of Edlesborough to Elizabeth Gurney of Eaton Bray 20/05/1766 in Parish Records.Although it has been transcribed as JAMES it could be JANES.
There is a Gurney section on our genealogy page but can't see Elizabeth.

#1375 Tom n Harry, 22 October 2012, 11:37

Could be your Robert.

Baptism September 2nd 1704 Robert son of Elizabeth Cook, widow and Robert Gurney (reputed father)

#1376 Tom n Harry, 22 October 2012, 11:41

Baptism April 30th 1738.

Elizabeth daughter of Robert and Mary Gurney alias Bonnick.

Can't find their marriage as yet.

#1377 Tom n Harry, 22 October 2012, 12:00

Marriage April 15th 1727.
Robert Gurney alias Cook to Mary Timson.

Can't yet work out where the Bonnick comes from.

#1379 Tom n Harry, 24 October 2012, 11:52

Gurney baptised to Robert and Mary.

July 27th 1729 Elizabeth Alias Bonnick.
May 18th 1735 William Alias Bonnick.
May 14th 1742 Henry Alias Cook.

#1528 Dawn Clarke (Lunnon), 31 December 2012, 16:36

Does anyone know why people had an "Alias". I have a lot of the Janes family in my tree who lived in Ivinghoe and had the alias of Hopkins ?

#1944 TREVOR HOPKINS, 31 January 2014, 16:22

Janes alias Hopkins. (See Trevor Hopkins - family tree).
I found a Robert Hopkins b. about 1430 in Horton, a hamlet in Ivinghoe,Bucks
and he married a Miss Janes daughter Ralph Janes. She had 3 sons and then died. Ralph Janes asked for marriage gifts of land and money back and even went to the Bishop's Court - which he lost.
As a compromise Robert'
s children  
were called Hopkins alias Janes and Janes alias Hopkins. This died out in the Leighton Buzzard Hopkins' but is still common in the country relatives on the Bucks/Beds border.

#2027 Dawn Clarke, 3 May 2014, 17:45

Hi Trevor, Thanks for your reply and sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. That's really interesting to know the origins of the "alias" surnames. Will look at your tree and see where our tree's merge. Regards Dawn

#2049 Dawn Clarkel, 26 May 2014, 16:38

Hi Trevor, I've been looking for your tree but can't seem to find it. Is it on Ancestry, Genes Reunited or will I be able to find it online.
Regards Dawn

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