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Huxley family

April 19, 2016 by richard scott in forum Genealogy / History

#2419 richard scott, 19 April 2016, 12:29

My ancestor John Huxley bought Eaton Bray in 1623 and it remained in the family until at least 1693.  I am seeking any information about the two generations of the Huxley family who lived there and a note of when it was sold.  Marriages, baptisms, burials and any other details would be most welcome.

#3641 Adele McKiernan, 9 August 2020, 13:55

Hi Richard, I believe I am also related to Sir John Huxley, Knight.   I have an ancestry DNA match to a member who has him in her family tree.   Her 3 x's great grandfather, James Latter Huxley d  23/4/1868.   On the copy of his memorial record it states that he is a decendant of Sir John Huxley, Knight.  James' father is a Robert Huxley.  
The last decendant to reside at Eaton Brae was a Thomas Huxley.   My grandmother was a Huxley.   I have lots of Huxley DNA connections to Bedfordshire in the UK and a line to Thomas Huxley and Sarah Spencer who emigrated to Hartford in the US in the 1600's. Kind regards Adele

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