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January 18, 2010 by Tom n Harry in forum Genealogy / History

#147 Tom n Harry, 18 January 2010, 10:56

I have many ancestral families who came from Eaton Bray. My grandmother is descended from the Howard family that lived there. Also, she is connected to the Buckmaster, Brinklow, Janes, Godman, Tavener and Crocker families. Does anyone know if the following place names still survive in the village: Waterfurrows, Whitenofts, Four Butts and Longland field - they appear on the will of my ancestor Thomas Howard dated 1725?.......Laurie Page,Essex

#148 Tom n Harry, 18 January 2010, 11:14

Have spoken to a local historian who tells me that Longland Field still exists.It is on the left of what was called Station Road on the way to Stanbridge but probably under another name.Could Whitenofts be Whitecrofts as this was Moore End Lane which many,many years ago went right up to The Icknield Way, now Tring Road.Four Butts I am told is a name for an archery range and as we had a castle at one time at Park Farm that would fit.The only thing we can find on Waterfurrows was that they were a form of drainage.These names may be found on old maps of Eaton Bray which could be held at Beds Records Office.They are really on the ball. The address is.....Bedfordshire And Luton Archives And Records Service,Riverside Building,Borough Hall,Bedford,MK42 9AP...Tel 01234 [email protected] best bet may be maps before The Enclosure act which happened in Eaton Bray around 1865.

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