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George Family

June 11, 2013 by Clarice in forum Genealogy / History

#1714 Clarice, 11 June 2013, 16:55

Hi, my 11th great-grandparent, John George, was christened in Eaton Bray in 1612. I believe his father was Henrie George. Any more information about him and his ancestors would be fantastic!!

#1715 Tom n Harry, 11 June 2013, 19:27

Hi Clarice

Found John's baptism August 16th 1612 son of Henry.
Found a marriage November 6th 1611 Henry George to Frances Tooley.

#1716 Tom n Harry, 11 June 2013, 19:47

Possible siblings for John.

June 30th 1616 Elizabeth daughter of Henry George jnr.

September 22nd 1621 Mary daughter of Henry & Frances George.

#1717 Tom n Harry, 11 June 2013, 19:53


December 12th 1650 Frances wife of Henry George.

December 23rd 1656 Henry George.

#1718 Tom n Harry, 11 June 2013, 20:31

Possible baptism.

November 23rd 1588 Henry George.

There is a baptism for another Henry George January 21st 1562 which would fit in with the baptism above of Elizabeth making the Henry you have as the son of Henry making him junior.

#1719 Clarice, 12 June 2013, 15:11

Wow!!! Thankyou so much! Do you know if it would be possible to trace the family back any further, or would parish records have only just been introduced in 1560s?

#1720 Tom n Harry, 13 June 2013, 06:47

Parish Records I am working from start in 1559.
Don't know if there are any earlier records but if there are they would be held at Beds Records Office. There is a link to them on our History page.
Have lot's of George family entries in the records and can post or email if you would like them.

#1721 Clarice, 13 June 2013, 07:52

Ok, thankyou so much for your help!

#1734 Clarice, 24 June 2013, 15:49

Is it possible to find out the occupations of my ancestors? What other pieces of information are available e.g. religion?

#1735 Tom n Harry, 24 June 2013, 16:28

Looks like the family were C of E.

Church Warden's
1606/7 Thomas George
1624/25 John George
1651/61 Thomas George
1680/81 John George
1697/98 John George

#1736 Tom n Harry, 24 June 2013, 16:31

Do you have anyone more recent living in Eaton Bray that I can look up on census.
If the family were in a trade we may be able to work back with a few clues.

#1738 Tomn Harry, 25 June 2013, 07:04

There should be Trade Directories for most places held at local records offices.

#1740 Clarice, 25 June 2013, 15:56

My more recent family came from Luton, it's only the earliest generations from Eaton Bray, but later family were farmers during the 1700s and 1800s if that helps.

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