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January 12, 2010 by Tom n Harry in forum Genealogy / History

#123 Tom n Harry, 12 January 2010, 11:42

We have been scrolling down visitors book and found this from Roger Gadesden of West Sussex...
'I am tracing my family tree and from 1901 to 1881 I have my 4x gt grandfather, Jesse Gadesden living in Bower Lane. In 1871 I have them living in Westernside, but before that I cannot find and records, any help with this would be great.'

#124 Tom n Harry, 12 January 2010, 11:49

Think we've found him in 1861 living with his his sister and her family in Easternside Eaton Bray. His age works out and we can find no brother for Henry so we think it's brother of Christina.

Henry Rollings, head, M, 34, aglab, Toddington Beds.

Christina Rollings, wife, M, 30, Eaton Bray Beds.

Hannah Rollings, daughter, 11, scholar, Eaton Bray Beds.

Lewis Rollings, son, 9, scholar, Eaton Bray Beds.

Caleb Rollings, son, 6, scholar, Eaton Bray Beds.

Fred Rollings, son, 3, Eaton Bray Beds.

Bill Rollings, son, 1, Eaton Bray Beds.

Jesse Rollings, brother, 15, aglab, Eaton Bray Beds.

#125 Tom n Harry, 12 January 2010, 12:15

1851 census...All the family gone to live with oldest sister after parents had died.

Henry Rollings, head, M, 25, aglab, Toddington Beds.

Christina Rollings, wife, M, 20, Eaton Bray Beds.

Rebecca Rollings, sister-in-law, 10, plaiter, Eaton Bray Beds.

John Rollings, brother-in-law, 7, plaiter, Eaton Bray Beds.

Jesse Rollings, brother-in-law, 5, Eaton Bray Beds.

Hannah Rollings, daughter, 1, Eaton Bray Beds.

#130 Roger Gadsden [email protected], 13 January 2010, 13:27

great work Tom n Harry,
helped me find my 4 x great grandfather in 1851 and 1861 census
now need to trace his sister Rebecca born cica 13th oct 1839 and poss brother john born cica 1840, anyone else with the GADSDEN name would be good to hear from you my great granfathers father was richard gadsden born 5th feb 1809 in eton bray married hannah hodgins 26th october 1829, cheers Roger

#131 Tom n Harry, 13 January 2010, 13:39

Roger...There are 2 Gadsdens on the History page in "Those Who Served".Must be a connection to your family.

#137 Tom n Harry, 14 January 2010, 09:24

Rebecca 1881 census living in Moore End Eaton Bray...William rolf Head m, 43,Ag Lab,Eaton Bray Beds. Rebecca Rolf Wife m,42,Eaton Bray Beds.Mary a Rolf Daughter,10,Scholar,Eaton Bray Beds.Ezra Rolf,Son,7,Scholar,Eaton Bray Beds.John Rolf,Son,4,Eaton Bray Beds.Fred Rolf,Son,1,Eaton Bray Beds.......1891 census Moore End Eaton Bray...William Rolf,Head,m,52,Ag Lab,Eaton Bray Beds.Rebecca Rolf,Wife,m,51,Eaton Bray Beds.Ezra Rolf,Son,17,Ag Lab,Eaton Bray Beds.Mary A Rolf,Daughter,21,Straw Plaiter,Eaton Bray Beds.John Rolf,Son,14,Eaton Bray Beds.Fred Rolf,Son,11,Scholar,Eaton Bray Beds.........Found a death in 1895 for Rebecca Rolf age 55 which matches the last census,reg Leighton Buzzard March 1895 vol 3b page 298.....Still cant find her in 1841 but there is a Gadesden family living in Houghton Regis Beds with parents Richard 1806 and Hannah 1811.

#141 Tom n Harry, 14 January 2010, 11:44

Marriage for John...John Gadesden to Sarah Pocock reg Marylebone December 1874 vol 1a page 998.Sarah is living in Dunstable Beds in 1871 census so may have gone to London together.Possible death for John...John Gadesden reg Chelsea December 1893 vol 1a page 277.

#181 Tom n Harry, 13 February 2010, 09:08

Could be a connection to your family...Ada gadsden married Albert Lugsden in 1913.Albert is one of four Lugsdens on Eaton Bray War Memorial,poss all brothers.Lugsden family are living in Bower Lane in 1901.

#1682 Kay Wiles, 13 May 2013, 15:14

I'm also researching the Gadsden side of my family history.  I never knew there were SO many of them until I started this!

Roger, my 5xG-Grandfather was Richard, b.1757, and his son also called Richard (b.1806) married a Hannah Pearson b.1809.  They moved from Eaton Bray to where I live (Brentwood) and had a farm there.  Their son Gustavus ended up living in the same road as I did 150 years later - on the same plot of land!  I'd be interested to see your part of the family tree - my email is [email protected]

I am now trying to trace where Richard & Hannah's other children ended up after some moved to South Weald (Brentwood) in 1860s;

Another strand I have got stuck on is the number of siblings of my 4xG-grandfather had: parents were Richard 1757-1831 and Ann Groom = children were Richard 1786-63, Elizabeth 1786-1893, Jeffrey 1801-1862, John 1805-1887 and my 4xG-Grandfather b1810.  On Ancestry someone has another dozen or so children.  Any ideas please?

#1686 Tom n Harry, 15 May 2013, 15:09

Hi Kay

Your query on the visitors book as regard to Richard Gadsden.
May 22nd 1809 Richard Gadsden.

Above Richard is the only one I can find in Parish Register 1559-1812 buried in the Church Yard but as the cemetery was not opened until 1884 there may be another.

#2160 Gaye Gadsden, 21 September 2014, 12:19

I have 4 x great grandfather Jeffrey Gadsden born in Eaton Bray 5 Feb 1739 or 1740.  5 x great grandfather, John, married Anne Brinklow and had 9 children in Eaton Bray. Jeffrey was 7th.
Really interested to know what my ancestors did - were they farm labourers?  Any relatives out there that know more?

#2161 Tom n Harry, 24 September 2014, 09:56

Hi Gaye
From an entry in the Eaton Bray Parish Register 1559-1812.

Baptism July 17th 1731 William son of John and Ann Gadesden.
John is down as Clerk to Thomas Huxley who was the Lord of the Manor.

#2275 Jaimee Gadsden, 10 April 2015, 02:14

I have also picked up the genealogy bug and am stuck on a John Gadsden who married Wiborrowe Robinson. John Gadsden is my 12x great grandfather. The notes I have is that John Gadsden was born about 1550 in Eaton Bray.

If anyone has any information, I would be grateful. Thank you.

#2276 Tom n Harry, 11 April 2015, 10:35

Sorry Jaimee but I only have records back to 1559. Do you have anymore info on John?

#2298 Jaimee , 5 May 2015, 02:56

John Gadsden (born aprox 1550) married Wiborrowe Robinson October 13, 1576. John was a miller and had a son, also named John abt 1585.John Jr. was born Stoke, Buckinghamshire, England and died August 1666, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England.

Hope this helps

#2299 Philippa, 6 May 2015, 19:26

In reply to the question posed by Gaye Gadsden as to what her ancestor John GADSDEN did for a living, the answer was partly answered in most of the baptism entries of his children, but the most complete is the baptism of his son William in 1731 where it's recorded ' father clerk to Thomas HUXLEY Esq.
My GADSDEN connection if from John & Ann's son Richard, baptised 1735.
He was a sheep dealer.

#2415 Paula F Bell, 6 April 2016, 20:33

I was wondering if there was anything I could purchase that would give the information you provide to families - such as proof of the date of Births, Marriages & Deaths of our Ancestors - I have purchased many records from Ancestry - but Parish records are a different matter entirely - I would love to be able to see the actual record you are looking at - I look forward to your response - PAULA

#2417 John Speight, 10 April 2016, 16:03

Tracing my ancestry back to the Fountains and Gadsdens who lived in Eaton Bray. I am wondering if anyone can shed light on an establishment, a pub, I believe, run by the Fountain family. Perhaps a beer garden or something of the sort, active in the late 1700's or the 1800's. Thank you very much for any help. I look forward to visiting Eaton Bray in June of this year.   John Speight

#2418 Tom n Harry, 11 April 2016, 15:25

The Fountain Beerhouse was in the High St and is said to have been opened by a John Fountain in 1869 who was tired of being barred from other pubs in the village that he opened his own.

Try this link: The Fountain Beerhouse Eaton Bray

#3456 Kay Wiles, 25 October 2016, 17:12

Re: Gaye Gadsden's post on the Baptism July 17th 1731 William son of John and Ann Gadesden.
John is down as Clerk to Thomas Huxley who was the Lord of the Manor.

Ann is Elizabeth Ann BRINKLOW.  John GADSDEN was a very distant relative - my 4th cousin x 9 removed.

#3492 Sylvia Rowe, 23 May 2017, 00:49

Hi other Gadsden descendants, I do think that most of what I have is already out there.. but I do have the Worldwide Gadsden Database which finished being worked on in 2005 when David Tasker was in charge and I didn't want to carry it on without him after his death. it was a John & Peter Gadsden who originally started it.. I think back before the 1950's. The database doesn't have a lot of info on each person but willing to look up any married couple to see what I do have on them for you. Please Email direct to [email protected]
Thanks Sylvia in Brisbane Qld, Aust. P.S. I've just joined My Heritage and have added info on that too.

#3559 Tom Gadsden, 28 January 2019, 19:34

I just saw these posts & hope someone is still active. Concerning John Gadsden (or Gaydsden) who married Wiborrowe Robison. According to Cambridge University Alumni 1261 - 1900, John entered Christ’s College in 1568 and was “Doutless schoolmaster at Hitchin in 1613, appointed.1577.” I have not found anything about his or her parents though. Anyone have any leads? Contact me at [email protected].

#3612 Angus Gadsden, 19 January 2020, 15:30

Hello Gadsden relations far and wide! Just found this post and have been fascinated about what information you have provided. I have been finding names mentioned above in my family tree in front of me! I have a written family tree copy written in 1968 going back as far as John Gadsden, Clerk of Eaton Bray, a direct descendant of mine (6x great grandfather). If anyone has more information dating further back from John or anything else please get in touch!
[email protected]

#3647 Wendy Armitage, 3 January 2021, 15:22

I am researching my husbands family history.  His mother’s maiden name was Gadsden and I have traced his ancestry back to John Gadsden 1757 - 1811 of Eaton Bray.  I would be very interested if anyone could contact me with further information.

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