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Family history - Bower Lane Eaton Bray

October 14, 2011 by Ruth Dadd in forum Genealogy / History

#1033 Ruth Dadd, 14 October 2011, 15:50

I am looking for any information about three families I'm afraid - I hope that is ok.
Firstly I am interested in the family of my Great Grandfather Arthur (known as Joe to me!)Horne born in 1885 and my Great Grandmother Ruth Horne also born 1885 with the maiden name Clarke.  I know that they were living in Bower Lane in 1915 acoording to the census and married in around 1881. I would love to find out who their parents were if at all possible. My Grandmother Hilda May Horne was actually born in Kilburn, but moved to Eaton Bray with them as a very small child and lived there until she married.
Secondly I am also interested in finding out about the Foster family who also lived in Bower Lane, but at an earlier date and are on the 1871 census. They would be my great great grandparents. I've discovered a Thomas (born 1848) and an Elizabeth (also born 1848) Foster husband and wife, but I do not have Elizabeth's maiden name.  On the 1861 census there is another Foster family who I believe are the parents of Thomas as there is a Thomas of the same age listed as one of their children.  The names on the 1861 census are Richard (born 1812) and Hannah (born 1815). I was interested to know if these two Foster families are indeed son and parents.  I would be really grateful for any information you may be able to give me and so sorry for asking so much.
best wishes
Ruth Dadd

#1034 Ruth Dadd, 14 October 2011, 15:56

Sorry meant to say but on the 1861 census the family name has been written as Faster rather than Foster!! Which I believe is a spelling error.

#1036 Tom n Harry, 14 October 2011, 19:00

Hi Ruth....A lot to take in...Will have a look on Monday.

#1041 Ruth Dadd, 15 October 2011, 08:29

Thank you so much for getting back to me and I know that it is a lot to ask. However I have just discovered the Family Search Community Trees website (from my understanding it is run by the Mormons who I know hold a lot of family history information), which I think may answer most of my questions after all.  It looks like the two Foster Families are related. It looks like Elizabeth's maiden name was Janes and Hannah was a Goss. According to the 1881 Census Elizabeth and Thomas had moved to Chelsea.  
It looks like the Horn(e)s and Clark(e)s were long term families from Eaton Bray and seem to go back a long way.
One of my reasons for wanting to find out about all this is that my grandmother married Robert Foster Barnett (my Grandfather) born in Kilburn (London) and I wanted to see if there is any connection between their two families as they both lived in Eaton Bray. He always maintained there was a connection.

#1042 Tom n Harry, 15 October 2011, 19:44

Hi Ruth....
If you look on the History page in "Those Who Served" there is an A Horne of the Beds Regiment.It might be Arthur.

#1043 Ruth Dadd, 16 October 2011, 17:24

Dear Tom and Harry
Thanks so much for  the info. I think I have now managed to track my family thanks to the Mormons. Thank you so much for offfering to look these families up - it's much appreciated, but I don't think I need to take up all your time now. I have also discovered that my Grandmother's Great, Great, Great Grandparents (Richard Foster and Hannah Goss) are also my Grandfather's Great, Great Grandparents - so I think that makes them cousins of some sort.
Best wishes and thank you once again

#1044 Tom n Harry, 17 October 2011, 09:18


If you need any other information on your family just ask.Its no bother.

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