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Elizabeth Elliot

December 7, 2011 by D Fookes in forum Genealogy / History

#1117 D Fookes, 7 December 2011, 16:22

I am looking for information on Elizabeth Elliot who married Dasniel Ellingham in Eaton Bray 19/8/1802. They had 6 children between 1806 & 1815.
It marriage they were both of EB? I cannot find a baptism for her. Possible burial is on 28/11/1830 age 47 which give her birth around 1783.
Any ideas.

#1118 Tom n Harry, 7 December 2011, 17:03


There are no baptisms in Parish Records for either Daniel Ellingham or Elizabeth Elliot for around the 1780s. Will continue searching.

The marriage is there and as you say they are both of Eaton Bray.
Do you have any more information.

#1119 Tom n Harry, 7 December 2011, 18:07

Are these the children...

Daniel,Martha,Sarah,Elizabeth,Ephraim and Arthur

#1120 Tom n Harry, 8 December 2011, 10:55

The first Elliot/Elliott that appears in Eaton Bray Parish Registers is a George married to Sarah on the baptism of their son George 31st October 1790. Can't find a marriage. George senior may be a brother to Elizabeth.

#1121 Tom n Harry, 8 December 2011, 11:44

Best hope I think is to look at the marriage to Daniel at Beds Records Office on micro fische.Should give the name and occupation of her father.Might lead somewhere.

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