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July 22, 2011 by Liz in forum Genealogy / History

#944 Liz, 22 July 2011, 17:13

I've read the topics regarding the Dyer Family and Bellows Mill with interest as my grandfather belongs to the same family.  He  was Reginald Dyer son of Ada Dyer, Ada being a daughter of Richard and Phillis Brandam  Ada had another child Eva before her marriage to George Mead in 1904. I remember my grandmother telling me that Eva died in a fire. I do not know any of my grandfather's half siblings and would like to be able to find out more about them if anyone could help I am more than happy to share what info I have

I have traced the family back as far as I can to John Dyer and Elizabeth Hewitt at Bellows Mill as others on here have done.

#946 Vanessa, 24 July 2011, 11:13

Hi Liz,

I would love to get any information you could give me on your grandfather Reginald, as I have him on my tree information in, however I don't have anything further on him as to whom he married etc.  I have a lot of information on Colin's mother Ada Mead (Reginald's sister) and some of the other family, as my gr. gr grandmother was Eliza Ann Dyer (daughter of Richard and Phillis). It was interesting what you said regarding Eva and dying in a fire, I wonder if in the newspaper archives there might be something recording the details.  Did you grandfather know whom his father was?

If you have an ancestry account, you can find my tree on there and take any information you might like from it, including some photo's that are there.

Look for my name 66ness.

Also through here, I have put up a few different topics and also Tom n Harry have been a wealth of information.  I wrote a short story also on here on my great grandmother Ethel May Dyer

Also Marlow Wooton's Eaton Bray Community Tree is great for helping too.

#957 Colin , 11 August 2011, 22:43

Hi Liz,
Reginald Dyer was my Mothers half Brother, her name was Ada Mead, he also had two other half brothers, William Mead and Frederick Mead. Fred was dropped at birth and suffered mentally and was eventually placed in a home because he became violent. He died in that home. Hope this is of some use to you . Regards Colin.

#1691 Veronika, 22 May 2013, 14:37

Hello Liz, Vanessa and Colin,
Maria Proctor, mother of Richard Dyer, was one of my 3rd cousins

I know lots about your Proctor ancestry, but probably not so good on Dyer siblings

#1765 Colin Bird, 9 July 2013, 16:53

Hi Veronika,
The only Proctor family history I have is Maria and her parents William and Elizabeth. I am afraid I have neglected that side of the family as I have been concentrating on the Dyer side. Any info would be appreciated though should you wish to share. Kind Regards Colin.

#1921 Tom n Harry, 29 November 2013, 08:27

We have had a request from a lady looking for a family connection with Eaton Bray. The 1841 census shows that the 2 Williams she mentions are different people but with a name like Dyer and being a Miller there must be a chance of a connection with the village.

I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm trying to find out if I have a family
connection with Eaton Bray. I've just found out that my great great
grandfather William Dyer was a miller, born in Stoke Hammond in 1831, and
his father was a miller too, called Samuel. I have found a reference to a
William Dyer being christened in Eaton Bray church (5 June 1831), father
listed as Samuel (mother Rebecca or Rebekah), and I'm wondering whether this
might be the same person. I see from your website that there were Dyers
running the Bellows Mill in Eaton Bray called William and Samuel, but the
dates don't match my relatives. Do you think the christening entry for
William Dyer at the church would mention whether the father was a miller?
Are there any other records I could consult locally to find out where my
great grandfathers worked? I know William ended up working in Birmingham as
a mill foreman - presumably due to the arrival of steam-powered mills.
Hope you can help.

#1927 Vanessa, 10 December 2013, 12:35


Have gone through my family tree and don't have a William or Samuel that matches that information, only the ones running the mill.

The only other William there is, has a father named David.


#1939 Anne, 21 January 2014, 23:50

I'm the person who was looking for information on William and Samuel Dyer (but not the ones who ran Bellows Mill!). Thanks for posting my query in November. I just wanted to let you know that I've done some more research, and am now fairly sure that my Great Great Grandfather William Dyer (born 1831) was the son of Samuel and Rebecca/Rebeckah Dyer who lived in Edlesborough. Samuel (born 1809) was the son of William Dyer, born about 1780, who ran Bellows Mill. The 1841 census mentions Samuel and Rebecca living at a place called Moor End with all their children except William, but there was a 10-year-old William living at Bellows Mill at the time with the 60-year-old William, so I am guessing he was learning to be a miller with his grandfather. He turns up in the 1851 census as a miller in Houghton Regis. I wonder if anyone on this forum has any information they can share with me about this family or about the places they lived? I am new to family tree research, and only recently found out my great grandfather was a miller when I came across an old marriage certificate. I was lucky enough to find a date of birth in an old birthday book, which is what enabled me to trace him to Eaton Bray. I'm not from the area, so would be very interested in finding out more about the village and the mill. Also, if anyone is interested, I have some lovely old photos of William's son, my great grandfather Arthur Dyer, who was born at a place called Pickford Mill in Wheathampstead.  

#1940 Colin Bird, 22 January 2014, 13:19

Hi Anne,
Samuel Dyer was my GGG Grandfather, who ran Bellows Mill. William was born 1780 to Samuel Dyer & Elizabeth Dunscombe. William was the last of the Dyers to run the Mill At Eaton Bray. he Married Elizabeth Read on 31.01.1807 at Dunstable, Beds. if you require any further information please contact me. [email protected]  I have quite a lot of information on the Dyers. Kind Regards Colin.

#1941 Anne, 22 January 2014, 15:33

Thank you, Colin. That is very kind. I've emailed you privately.
Best wishes

#1987 Lynette Bargent, 7 March 2014, 19:18

hi Anne ,samuel Dyer,a miller and his wife Rebekah/Rebecca had children baptised in Eaton Bray and Edlesboro.   In Eaton Bray: william 5th june 1831,George on 17th march 1833,Frances(female) 31 may 1835,samuel 4th march Edlesboro: Mary  and Frederick march 31st 1850,Richard and james 1st june 1851.Remember these are baptism dates not birth dates...James was born 7th january 1850 and Richard was born in 1847.The poor tended to baptize in batches when they could afford it !! i hope this is of help to you,Regards, Lynette

#2031 Anne, 9 May 2014, 14:36

Hi Lynette,
I'm just catching up with this thread after a few busy months. Thank you so much for this information and explanation. I believe the William you refer to (baptised in Eaton Bray on 5th June 31) was my Great Great Grandfather, and I have quite a lot of information on him now. I believe he was living with his grandfather William Dyer (at Bellows Mill) at the age of 10 (1841 census), presumably serving an apprenticeship. He ended up in Birmingham, where he was described as a Foreman Miller in the 1881 census. If anyone is interested in that particular family, please let me know, because I am happy to share the information I have (and would be interested in hearing from distant family members and any information other people might be able to add to what I have).

#3518 Ray, 12 March 2018, 10:49

Does anyone have information about the whereabouts of Reginald Dyer who was one of a very large family in the Bedford area, living in poor circumstances, in care before he came to live with the Singleton family in Preston, Lancashire. He was last heard of being in the RAF before then becoming a driving instructor. I would like to hear from anyone wh has information please,

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