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Dyer and Hueate (Hewitt?) families

December 10, 2010 by Mike Gee in forum Genealogy / History

#722 Mike Gee, 10 December 2010, 21:13

I have started to reserach my family history and have traced the Dyers and Hueate (Hewitt?) families from the mid-1600s to the late 1700s in the Eaton Bray area and specifically an association with Bellows Mill. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mike

#724 Vanessa, 11 December 2010, 09:01

Hi Mike,

I am a Dyer descendant, living in Australia.  My Gr. Grandmother was Ethel May Dyer... daughter of Richard Dyer and Phillis Brandham of Eaton Bray.

If you have an account with, you can see my tree under 66ness Or  under Rawlings / Pieraccini - Mathieson / Dyer

I've been working on my ancestors for the last few months, with wonderful help through this site and also finding distant relatives here too.

What is your connection to the Dyer's.

I have notice a road in Eaton Bray called Dyers, I am wondering if named after the Dyer families of Eaton Bray?

I believe that my Gr. Grandmother was born in Bellow Mills.  I have photo's up in my tree, of Bellow Mills, that a distant relative sent me.

Eventually, when I get all information together, I am hoping to put together an ancestry book on my Gr. Grandparents and their lives/families from Luton, Dunstable and Eaton Bray area's.

You seem to have gone back a lot further than I on the ancestors.  I have concentrated on more of the 1800's family and their extention of families.

#725 Tom n Harry, 11 December 2010, 18:44

Hi Mike….
The first sign of the Dyer family in Eaton Bray Parish Records is a burial for a John Dyer on July 11th 1605.….There is a baptism on March 16th 1703 for Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth Dyer of Sarratt Herts . John is a Miller. Mary was born March 5th…..The first marriage I can find is on April 8th 1769 Thomas Coles of Edlesborough to Mary Dyer of Eaton Bray….Do you have these?

#726 Vanessa, 12 December 2010, 05:46

Sorry, realised I missed a generation in there.  Ethel May Dyer's mother was Eliza Ann Dyer, who was the daughter of Richard and Phillis Dyer.

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