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Children of James Irons ans Sarah Lunnon

October 9, 2010 by Marilyn Browne in forum Genealogy / History

#600 Marilyn Browne, 9 October 2010, 19:09

James and Sarah married in 1853 in Edlesborough .
I am trying to trace their children after 1871 . The children
John Thomas b 1856
Mary Elizabeth 1857 and Caroline 1860  ended up with out parents in the Union Workhouse  Leighton Buzzard ( Census 1871)
I have tried to trace further without success . I understand that orphans if that is what they were, were shipped tom Canada or Australia .
I would like to solve the mystery of the whole family .

#601 Tom n Harry, 11 October 2010, 08:45

Hi Marilyn....Seems quite a mystery.
Can't seem to find any deaths that would fit between 1871-1881 but I do know from records that they didn't die in Leighton Buzzard workhouse although there are some births and deaths for the Irons family.

#602 Marilyn Browne, 11 October 2010, 15:07

Thank you Tom n Harry . Interested in the other Irons who died /bornin workhouse . I know about poor old John who had to go in after his family who looked after him all his life died .

#603 Tom n Harry, 11 October 2010, 15:49

Record gives date of death,name,age and parish to which chargeable.......
21/4/1878 Thomas Irons,74,Leighton...
27/9/1886 Mary Irons,77,Edlesborough....10/12/1889 Charlotte Irons,74,Edlesborough....18/3/1890 John Irons,76,Edlesborough....3/9/1895 Jane Irons,66,Leighton Buzzard....7/7/1897 Thomas Irons,78,Leighton Buzzard...13/6/1900 William Irons,82,Leighton Buzzard.....

#604 Tom n Harry, 11 October 2010, 15:53

Sorry... meant to say records are from 1858-1900....Found one birth...3/7/1864 Susanah.illeg daughter of Sarah Irons,Edlesborough.

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