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Chapel lane Northall

September 8, 2012 by Rebecca Kaya in forum Genealogy / History

#1346 Rebecca Kaya, 8 September 2012, 22:55

My family have owned the row of farm workers cottages at the bottom of chapel lane since the 1700s. Has any one got historical pictures or information on this area as it used to be the centre of Northall with far more dwellings and buildings around the village green adn chapel? Ta. Interested as northall has been turned into a non village over the past century!

#1347 Tom n Harry, 9 September 2012, 09:21

What was the family name?

#2069 Mark, 17 June 2014, 13:42

The field to the left as you go down Chapel Lane from the main road is strictly known as the village green. The Northall Inn was formerly known as the 'Village Green Inn'. I'm sure yoyu're right, house or more likely hovels existed around the green. Sadly your obseravtion on the er.. village status is accurate. More 4x4s with no dents and Executive Homes. Save the gap between, Northall now looks like a suburb of Dunstable. If you could argue that it doesn't (and you'd struggle), Eaton Bray certainly doe!

#2093 Rebecca, 9 July 2014, 22:53

My family names are Nicolls and Travel.


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