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February 19, 2012 by Peter in forum Genealogy / History

#1153 Peter , 19 February 2012, 00:14

Does anyone have a link to an Arthur BRANTOM/BRANDOM who was born circa 1859 and was living in High Street Eaton Bray in 1881 with father-in-law Joseph ROOM?
My greatgrandmother had an illegit son named Willie Brandom SCRIVENER in Leighton Buzzard and there is a note in the parish records to the effect that the father was thought to be an Arthur BRANDOM of Linslade, painter. The above-mentioned Arthur would seem to be a likely candidate.

#1155 Tom n Harry, 19 February 2012, 08:40

Hi Peter

Found the Arthur you mention on census but he is always down as an agricultural laborer.
Can you tell me Willies mothers name as I can't find anything on census for them.
Found Willie's birth registered Leighton Buzzard December 1877.
If I have more info there might be a clue somewhere.

#1156 Tom n Harry, 19 February 2012, 09:01


Found an entry in Workhouse records:

Birth 21st October 1877 name blank illegitamet son of Mary Ann Scrivener charged to Leighton Buzzard.
Beds Records Office do have information on the Workhouse so maybe some help there.

#1157 Tom n Harry, 19 February 2012, 09:43


There is another Arthur son of Jeremiah born c1863 also living in the High Street in 1881.
Can't find any who are painters.Could this be mistranscribed and be plaiter.

#2155 maureen morrice, 12 September 2014, 23:33

my great great grandmother was Eliza Brandham.  Many of the Brandhams went to salt lake city.

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