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1911 Census

February 9, 2011 by Tom n Harry in forum Genealogy / History

#795 Tom n Harry, 9 February 2011, 21:02

We are now able to do look up's on the 1911 Census.This was the first census form filled in by the actual family at the address.Information included total years married,children born,children still living and children deceased.This does help in finding marriage and birth record's.If you would like a look up just post what information you have on this thread or if you would like a private search please contact the web site.

#796 Marilyn Browne, 12 February 2011, 17:19


Members of my family Irons were living in Summerleys  in 1911 and I would be interested to know  who they were  because many members of that family had migrated to the London area some years before
Thank you

#797 Tom n Harry, 12 February 2011, 19:22

Hi Marilyn....
Have sent you a PM with detail's

#1278 allan john overingtomm, 8 August 2012, 18:31

I have a birth certificate of my grandfathers saying born in eaton bray,i think the year mayb 1910,also we have mentioned the public house the labour in vain any help or pointers in the right direction,much apreciated.thank name of Overington.

#1279 Tom n Harry, 8 August 2012, 18:48

Family of Overington living Main Road Northall Bucks which I think is now the Leighton Buzzard Road.

Mark Overington Head Farm Labourer age 43 born Surrey. (entry is crossed out.
Laura , wife , 31 , Housewife ,Dinton Wiltshire.
William , son , 7 , Bromley Kent.
Stanley , son , 2 , Eaton Bray Beds.
Kenneth , son , under 6 months , Eaton Bray Beds.

#1280 Tom n Harry, 8 August 2012, 18:52

Entry reads that they have been married for 9 years and have had 4 children all still living but unknown at the moment where the 4th child is.

#1281 Tom n Harry, 8 August 2012, 19:20

Think I have found Mark and the 4th child living living Fairview Copthorne Road Leatherhead Surrey on night of the census.
William Overington head 70 Farm Labourer Wooton Surrey.
Emma wife 69 Abinger Surrey.
Mark son 43 Farm Labourer Ockham Surrey.
Richard grandson 4 Burgess Hill Sussex.
William and Emma have been married 43 years and have had 4 children but only 3 still living.

#1284 Tom n Harry, 10 August 2012, 10:24

There is a piece about the Labour in Vain on the Millennium Book in our History page.

#2327 allan overington, 3 July 2015, 15:30

Thanks for the information,but i have spoken to my aunt who says my that there was an older uncle called Richard Overington who was the eldest Overington but i cant find him at eaton bray can you help please

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