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Water Board Advice - Door Step Security

This article was published in July 2012. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Bedfordshire PoliceThe next time someone knocks on your door and says they are from Anglian Water, we'd like you to take just a little of your time to double-check their identity before you let them in.

Bogus callers may claim to be from Anglian Water or even from 'the water board' and they might look quite convincing too, but you can find out for sure with one quick free phonecall.

Please take their card and close the door while you call us, any time of day or night, on 0800 145 145.

You will be given a description of the person at your door and a unique number. If the caller can not give you the number then they are not a genuine Anglia Water Empoyee.

Close the door and call the Police immediately.

For further details please visit: