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Thanks from Super-Santa

This article was published in January 2009. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Thanks to everyone in the Four Villages (and beyond!) who sent a donation to Eaton Bray Village Hall through super-Santa and the super-Elves. Super-Santa was able to pass on £140 to the Eaton Bray Village Hall Trustees - and he sent this note to the super-Elves just yesterday!

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Eaton Bray Village Hall this year and thanks as well for all the wine, whiskey, beer, coke, milk and mince pies left out for me at Christmas - trust me they went down a treat! Weren't there a lot of Wii's and DS's on the lists this year! I'm glad I bought my Nintendo shares when I did!!

Sent from super-Santa's blackberry on a sunny Mauritius beach

Lots of love
The super-Elves

Source: Focus, February 2009

Super-Santa’s Super-Letters

This article was published in October 2007. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

SantaOnce upon a time in the dim and distant past Eaton Bray's old tumbledown Village Hall was in a sorry state - and when the people of the village decided to make the Hall all new and swanky panky good they found that the cupboard was bare and that they didn't even have a cow to take to market to sell!

Then one cold winters day while searching through the cobwebs under the stage for some magic beans a wizened old hat-maker found a dusty cracked old piece of parchment with the words "Ye Olde Christmas Santa's letters!" Blowing the dust off the old man found the details of a magical secret portkey that allowed parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to send secret special letters to Santa - and even better the parchment said that Santa would send super-special Santa letters to the children, reassuring them that he hadn't forgotten about them and would make a special effort to get to their house on Christmas morning with all the goodies they (or their parents!) wanted.

And ever since that dark winters day long ago last century the good children of the Four Villages have had super special letters from Santa - and for every letter Santa has donated £2 to the fund to renovate the Village Hall!

So with a mere 80 days to go until the festive season! Remember to watch this space next month for just how to make sure your little ones wake up with a smile on their face and not tears in their eyes - because remember if you don't tell Santa just how good your child has been then how will he know?

Source: Focus, October 2007