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Great Excitement at Eaton Bray Lower School

This article was published in November 2009. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Eaton Bray Lower SchoolIt is hard to believe that our Pre School has now been open for a year. I think it is really beginning to feel like home now for the staff and the children. In fact one of our parents said 'it is the closest to home a School can be'. The outside area is being developed, the new furniture is in daily use, the Children's Centre have been running Jo Jingles, Bumps and Babes and Story and Rhyme Time. All is well with the world; it is obviously time for our next project!

Mr Andrew Whiteley, one of our School governors, designed our innovative Pre School building for us. At the opening we could hardly dare to believe that it was really ours. It was a special moment and one, I thought, we could not repeat. However, our pupil numbers have been gradually increasing over the last few years, and then drastically increased when our Pre School arrived. So after much discussion about an extension and where it should go and what it would look like and even more saving, we decided to in-fill between two classrooms which would mean joining the classroom onto the library. Imagine our delight when Mr Whiteley asked if he could once more design a building for us. Nothing, however, prepared us for what was to come. Many people had described our Pre School building as a building to make you smile. It has certainly made everyone attending it very happy. This latest design I think will make us all chuckle. I can already picture the children arriving at School, perhaps a little nervous on their first day; they then raise their eyes and see this -

Eaton Bray Pre-School

Source: Focus, November 2009