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Norman pens a poem to his diamond girly Vera

This article was published in July 2007. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

Norman and Vera Davies with their bouquetEaton Bray couple Norman and Vera Davies celebrated 60 years of marriage last Thursday at their home in Wallace Drive, Eaton Bray.

Material and wedding dresses were still scarce after the Second World War and' back then bride-to-be Vera was lucky to receive one from Canada in time for her wedding to her army sweetheart Norman. The couple were married in Surrey on June 28, 1947.

Norman and Vera had both served in the army. Vera, from Wales, was posted in London dodging bombs while operating search lights so rescuers could see into damaged buildings. Norman, who was a skilled engineer, was deployed in various places throughout the UK.

They had met at a dance 18 months earlier while in Donnington in Shropshire. A very shy Norman spotted a very pretty girl on the other side of the room. "I asked her to dance and we've been inseparable ever since," he said.

Now both 82, they have shared a variety of interests over the years including canoeing in their younger days and dancing. They even worked together at electrical giants Phillips for many years.

Throughout their married life, they visited many places worldwide and finally settled down to have two sons, Barry and Ross, and a daughter Donna. They now have six grandchildren.

Norman and Vera always enjoyed good health until 18 months ago the devoted couple were dealt a devastating blow when Vera was diagnosed with cancer and given only six months to live without treatment.

She underwent intensive chemotherapy and is now in remission.

Doting Norman spends his time caring for Vera and making the gardens at their home an extra special place.

Vera has spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals recently, she now occupies her spare time by doing jigsaw puzzles. She said: "I had no sign of illness at all except I began to lose interest in things, especially dancing - it has turned our lives upside down."

Having spent so much time at Vera's bedside, Norman whiled away the hours composing poetry to express his emotions. In a verse about being her carer, he touchingly wrote:

"I've been married for a long time, and love with all my heart,

"My wife, she's my partner, until death us do part.

"Then we were young, and parting seemed far away,

"But now she has cancer, please get well, so together we can stay.".

Meanwhile, the happy, spritely couple planned a quiet family celebration for their diamond anniversary and just to make it extra special, the LBO sent along an Orchard Flowers bouquet to mark the couple's fantastic achievement of 60 years marriage - Norman even composed us a poem to say thank you.

"We're not the average 82-year-olds," said Norman, giving Vera a kiss. "She's my girly!"

Source: Sarah Holmes, Leighton Buzzard Observer, 10 July 2007