Archives of Eaton Bray News for October 1945.
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October 1945

First In The World

This article was published in October 1945. Please see Latest News for more recent information.

In the early part of next year Eaton Bray will be the centre of the worlds first model Sportsdome.

Now under construction it will afford aero-modellers the opportunity of enjoying their hobby under the most favourable conditions.

The site which is just over 70 acre's in the form of a square with 600 yard side's was licensed as a civilian aerodrome just before the war, and is regarded as an ideal spot.

Other reason's for the choice are that the ground lie's in a sheltered part and tree's and other obstruction's are remarkably few. From the ground around it will be easy to watch plane's in flight or to retrieve straying machines.

The site is being laid out for the flying of all type's of model aircraft and there will be every amenity both for visitor's and those who do the flying.

All The Year Round

The ground is large enough for club's to occupy different part's without interfering with the flying arrangement's of other's. There will be all the year round facilities and particularly during the summer months.

Central figure and inspirer of the project is Mr D A Russell the well known pioneer in model aeronautics. He was the first man in the country to set up a wind tunnel and other essential equipment for research purposes.

He is the author of more standard works on the subject than any other man and is associated with a group of companies giving a complete service to those interested in full sized and model aeronautics.

Source: Dunstable & Luton Journal, October 12th 1945