Eaton Bray Millenium Book - Pages 7-8


Village PumpThe village pump, shown here soon after mains water arrived. Note the standpipe.

Regular markets were held on The Square and in the late summer the local community enjoyed 'The Stattie Fair'.

The Square was also the site of the village pump, shown here centre right in the picture below.

The Pond

The Pond, where people watered their horses, viewed here looking towards Park Lane.


Park Lane, 1900

Park Lane in 1900, lined on one side by large elm trees and a neat hedge on the other. Harry Cheshire, possibly the best hedger and ditcher in the area, lived there. Luton Museum, (now in Stockwood Park) commissioned and displayed a wax model of him, in working clothes, together with the tools of his trade.

Park Lane, 1999

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