Eaton Bray Millenium Book - Pages 5-6


Opposite 'The Old House' is the Playing Field, a gift to the village by W. E. Wallace on condition that no ball games were to be played on Sundays. The trees which surround it were donated and planted by members of Eaton Bray Rural District Council.

The Methodist Chapel has stood here since 1795. The whole Chapel underwent total refurbishment in 1990. A booklet describing its history is available from Maurice Sanders.

The Orchards, 1999

The Orchards, viewed here in 1999. In 1900 the same viewpoint would have shown a row of cottages placed end on to the road, their back gardens running back towards the Chapel. Here at that time the Thorne Brothers expertly made and repaired harnesses of every description.


The Old Forge

Old Forge

At the beginning of the century, Mr George Brown forged tyres, cart-furniture and horse-shoes from here. It was also the locality's Labour Exchange; would-be employers chalked their needs on the anvil.

Old Forge, 1999

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