Eaton Bray Village Hall Refurbishment and upgrades

March 2024

We have recently completed the work on installing a new insulated roof onto which have been placed 40 solar array panels.

Eaton Bray Village Hall viewed from car park showing new insulated roof and solar panels
Eaton Bray Village Hall viewed from car park with scaffolding up around the building

In addition, the PV arrays were connected to a pair of inverters and a bank of batteries.

Inverters and bank of batteries

The system has been running effectively and efficiently for 24hrs, charging the batteries (3kWh each) and exporting the excess energy back into the grid.

Solar generation and export graphic

We at the Eaton Bray Village Hall Committee would like to thank the following contractors for their work, which was excellent, both in time and quality along with being to budget.

Roofing Contractors:

Simon Green
S G Roofing & Son

PV & Battery Installation:

Colum Boland
Sustain Electric Ltd


UKSS - United Knights Scaffolding Solutions

Prof Steve Burnage CEng CEnv FSoE FIMechE

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