Community Projects Your Parish Council have been involved/are involved with
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Eaton Bray Parish Council

Parish Plans

Community Projects Your Parish Council have been involved/are involved with.

ChurchyardThe parish Council worked in partnership with the children of Eaton Bray Lower School; who were responsible for the Design and Planting, to rejuvenate the Church Yard Flower Beds
AllotmentsNew management regulation have been introduced.
Investigations are underway to identify land suitable for new allotments.
School LaneNew Skate & Ride Park Recreation Ground
     -- [Click for more about the new Skate & Ride area]
Additional seating
Village HallThe Parish Council gave financial support for the Village Hall upgrade which included
Phase 1: main hall. Phase 2: toilets.
Phase 3: kitchen and store
A New Paved Front and a new roof covering
Coffee Tavern CottageRedecorated and partially refurbished
Coffee TavernA stair lift has been installed
The outside of the building has been redecorated
There is an ongoing programme to redecorated the inside
Parish Church OfficeHas been established in the Coffee Tavern
Christmas TimeDecorated Christmas Trees at the Coffee Tavern
Hygiene and litterNew litter bins and dog bins
FootpathsResurfaced in Greenways and the High Street
Traffic CalmingVillage Gateways
Flashing Speeding Signs
Recreation GroundsOn going maintenance programmes now established
CemeteryOld graves now being kept tidy
Extension to main cemetery now in use
Youth FootballWorking in cooperation with EB Lions to extend training facilities
CarnivalParish Council stall established and fully manned
Next ProjectVillage Sign
Future ProjectsRecreation Ground improvements to Children’s Play Equipment
Mill End Close (conservation area)
Middle path

Neighbourhood Plan

Designation as a Neighbourhood Area

Eaton Bray Parish Council are considering the need to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan document to set out the Village's wishes in terms of infrastructure, facilities and future development.

Please see for more information.